Project Name:

Foremost Real Estate(Co-working Center)

Location: New York,USA
Time: 2018

QTY: 3250Sqm

Client: Foremost Real Estate

Parnter:Foremost Real Estate

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Project Overview

This fast-growing co-working   service institution had outgrown their old space.They needed a bright office that could grow with them. A high-end space that would adapt to changes .Conventional construction didn’t meet  all their needs. Flexspace’s demountable partition system meet their all needs


Client Designed and built their new service center,3250sqm head office partition in just 4 months . It meets all their needs today, including private meeting room, Cabin room, phone booths and office space .


Client is so happy with the way their head office promotes collaborations

Client feedback

Dan ,CEO :

The Space has totally changed the way people work with  on anthers ,Bright !!!

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