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Step 1: Program

Bringing FlexSpace into every period of your building’s lifecycle.

Before you start building, FlexSpace will help you find efficiencies for your core and shell. We brings real-estate savings with access floor and integrated vertical support in the walls. FlexSpace integrates prefabricated wall system, flooring and ceiling system without damage inside all building types, which is the best choice when you decide to rebuild your space.


Your FlexSpace project team expose where’ll bring vaule. They set a realistic budget and timeline. You explore the design in real-time 3D and make decisions for the next steps. FlexSpace speak with your architect and consultants, and assists the general contractor to turn the drawing into reality, reflecting your company vision, culture and mission needs.

Step 2: Design

FlexSpace takes cares of all design demands.

Your interior designer won’t need to devote any time to learning FlexSpace engineering. Your FlexSpace project team will provide design assist to decide constructability and the best uses of FlexSpace, which is one of essential services we offer for your project.


The components themselves respond to your intent. Design a wall with power outlets and light controller, several finishes and an integrated display. Shop drawings, elevation details, hardware and finish schedules are all available. With virtual 3D, you go into the model together, walking from room to room. You collaborate and make good decisions quickly.

Step 3: Build

FlexSpace prefabricated product systems save your every second and penny.

All onsite decoration exists hidden troubles for gaining waste, pollution and extra cost certainty. However, FlexSpace produces prefab parts and components in factory as per confirmed shop drawing and necessary onsite measurements. The combination of standard modular panels and flexible parts will modify when unforeseen issues come up.


Full sets of installation guidance and videos are packed and deliver with products. Your on-call FlexSpace project manage is ready to fly to your site and provide training and guidance hand to hand.

Step 4:Live

Flexibility make space improvement or reconfiguration easy and quick.

FlexSpace design product as the LEGO® approach. Everything connects together the same way, so you can repurpose, reconfigure and renew your space. Moving it all to a different building? Everything is retrofitted to suit the new building and FlexSpace will delivered extra tailored component accordingly.

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