Project Name:

Radisson hotel

Location: vijayawada city , Andhra Pradesh state, India
Time: 2020

QTY: 8000Sqm

Client:  Shiva’s Architects

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Project Overview

The pre-fabricated wall system have been chosen for the hotel project is the new era of the hotel decoration in India. All the modules are designed at the beginning of decoration. There are lots of the standard panels, which makes each room to be installed very fast and each modules can be replaced easily in the future. So the shortest installation of the rooms makes the hotel to be start on use. The new design change in the future can be achieved quickly and easily.

Client feedback

Srinivas :

All the materials of the room system are Eco-Friendly, easy and quick install helps me on saving the project installation costs, I may use FlexSpace partition system for all my other hotels.                                                                                     

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