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Flexspace's Sustainable materials: Aluminum and Steel!

In today's society, environmental protection has become a global hot topic. People are increasingly concerned about and value environmental conservation, striving for more sustainable development practices. And FlexSpace is no exception!

The FlexSpace team places great emphasis on the principles and standards of green buildings. They incorporate environmental concepts into the design, using sustainable building materials and technologies to reduce energy consumption and waste generation. They care about indoor air quality and advocate for the use of non-toxic materials and indoor plants to provide a healthy and comfortable working environment. FlexSpace demonstrates a commitment to green and sustainable development throughout the design, material selection, technology, and construction processes, focusing on the following aspects: 

The framework materials, such as steel and aluminum, are indeed sustainable materials! 

  • Steel and aluminum are highly recyclable materials, with their waste materials being able to be melted down and reshaped, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution. 

  • The strength and durability of steel make it long-lasting, and able to withstand the test of time. 

  • Recycled aluminum consumes less energy, requiring only approximately 5% of the energy needed for primary aluminum extraction. This means a significant amount of energy is saved, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. 

  • In the context of gradually adopting clean energy in the future, the production of steel and aluminum becomes even more dominant in terms of green environmental protection. 

  • Although the manufacturing process of steel may generate a certain amount of waste and wastewater, these issues are being addressed through modern technology and process improvements. For example, in a fossil fuel-free steel factory, natural gas, and coal, among other fossil fuels, will be replaced by hydrogen. Therefore, the steel production process will emit water instead of carbon dioxide, greatly reducing urban heat island effects.

FlexSpace office pod (1)

The mechanical properties of steel and aluminum are excellent. 

  • Steel has high strength and rigidity, able to withstand significant structural loads, improving Pod stability and safety. 

  • Aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, helping reduce the load on Pod structures and lowering energy consumption.

Steel and aluminum are also good allies in terms of energy-saving and sound insulation!

  • The use of steel panels for the exterior surface can create a good thermal insulation layer, reducing the transfer of hot and cold energy and enhancing the building's thermal performance. 

  • Steel and aluminum have good sound insulation properties. Steel panels can effectively block and reflect sound waves, significantly reducing the propagation of soundwaves and minimizing noise disturbance inside and outside the building. 

  • The use of felt for the interior surface has good sound absorption effects, reducing the transmission of internal noise. Materials like felt usually adopt recyclable materials and green environmental protection processes, reducing the consumption of natural resources. 

Some advantages of using double-layer laminated glass. 

Laminated glass is made of two pieces of glass bonded with a special damping film, which makes it far superior to ordinary glass in terms of sound insulation capabilities. The damping membrane can effectively absorb and weaken the propagation of sound waves, thereby reducing the transmission of sound waves indoors and outdoors. 

Better Security. 

  • Double-layer laminated glass is not easy to break and will not break easily when hit by heavy objects. Even if it breaks, the fragments will remain integrated and the surface of the broken glass will remain smooth and tidy, greatly reducing the harm to the human body. 

  • This kind of glass also has the function of filtering ultraviolet rays, which can prevent people from being exposed to direct sunlight, and can also protect indoor furniture from fading.

Better mechanical properties. 

  • Double-layer laminated glass is highly resistant and has a certain degree of protection. The impact resistance is also several times higher than ordinary flat glass. 

Excellent sound insulation properties. 

  • There is a special damping film between the two layers of glass, which can block the transmission of sound and effectively block outdoor noise pollution.

In short, used FlexSpace pods are not simply disposed of, but old pods can be given new life by upgrading and refurbishing the pod or its individual components.

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