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4 best office designs that attract employees(2)

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02-Flexible working space

Flexible office space, this new design concept is being recognized.

It is equipped with desks, tables, and chairs that are easy to move and change in size. In traditional offices, the desks and chairs are fixed and immutable.

For example, modular conference room tables can be reorganized or split easily and quickly. These modules can be moved easily because they have wheels. This can dynamically support the establishment of new working groups and collaboration among colleagues in the short/long term.

Some flexible working spaces also have non-fixed workstations, which means that employees do not work in specific positions, but choose their own seats according to the situation. Unfixed desk seats are considered to enhance collaboration between employees, and it is also considered to improve overall work performance, because some employees want to work where they can concentrate and focus on their work most.

03-Bringing green into the work space

One of the strongest and most enduring trends that are now reshaping the American workplace is to reconnect people and nature. This is known as close-to-nature design.

It will lead to better health, focus, creativity and work performance. The theory behind the close to nature design is that it improves physical and mental health. In fact, it can reduce stress and increase positive energy.

Close to nature design may use any of the following elements in the office:

(1) Natural light-sunlight and daylight enter the building through large glass windows, glass walls, glass doors and glass ceilings. Natural light is considered healthier than artificial light.

(2) Flowing water-including fountains, streams and mini waterfalls. Although these examples may be too luxurious for many small offices, they are more suitable for building lobbies, public areas, and large offices.

(3) Plants-Plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, thereby improving human health and attention.

(4) Natural landscape-by installing larger and wider windows, the spectacular natural landscape outside can be viewed.

(5) Natural materials-Floors, ceilings, stairs, handrails and other facades can be made of natural materials such as wood or stone.

04-Create a homelike environment

Home away from home, this is the office design trend sweeping the world.

From comfortable sofas to leisure swings, ping pong tables to rest areas, the purpose of this design is to make the workplace as relaxing as possible and relieve stress.

Provide an area where employees can take a nap so that they can rest physically and mentally so that they can regain their energy and maintain high work efficiency throughout the day.

But comfortable sofas and lounges are not just for resting, they can also be used efficiently. For example, employees can work on laptops while sitting on a comfortable sofa or coffee table.


One reason home-style design in the workplace has become practical is that technology continues to advance, and we can more and more complete work remotely and portable.

Experts believe that the trend of home-style workplaces stems from people's growing desire to work remotely. However, working remotely from home often runs counter to high-level management.

Therefore, many managers choose to design their workplaces as comfortable as home, so that employees want to stay in the office for as long as possible.

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