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Why choose office pods(2)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-28      Origin: Site

We know that high levels of stress are very bad for a person's health, which means more sick time. Employee productivity can also be lower, which means projects lack deadlines and resources are not being used to their full potential. This can reduce job satisfaction, which means higher turnover and even the loss of your top talent.



Soundproofed office cubicles will relieve all stress and help to reduce the negative effects of stress. Your employees will be more productive, happier to stay on the job and overall healthier. Any manager or company owner will be pleased to see these benefits.

We know that stress levels have a direct impact on mental health, but you should also be aware that isolation booths can provide more physical health benefits than open plan offices alone.


Studies have found that when working in an open plan office, employees are 50% more likely to take time off work due to illness. The reason for this is that air circulation due to confined spaces, air conditioning and contact with other employees makes it easier for germs to spread.


If one of your staff catches flu or an infection, it is likely that others will catch the virus from them too. A soundproof booth keeps you separate from your staff and minimises illness episodes.

How do you know when you've found the best office layout? What happens when you need to expand your team and add another desk or private office space? Is your office flexible enough to move everything around whenever and wherever you want?


With our portable acoustic canopies, the answer is simple. They are easy to set up and take down. They can even be moved around without being dismantled - Comfort Booth is easy to push in or pull out on a slip mat.


If you create a permanent or semi-permanent partition in your office space, it will take a lot of time and effort to change it later, and will also require a lot of money. With the acoustic pods you can move the mini office around as needed.

Many companies think they can create their own phone booth pods and everything will be easy. The reality is that a company can easily spend $10,000 on the building alone and even then it may not work as expected.


The advantage of buying a professional office phone booth is that everything is already set up for you. One of these booths has over 50 individual components, so it makes sense to buy pods with a fixed cost when you consider that even one of these could be installed incorrectly and leave the whole project stranded.


These products are not simply insulated compartments. They are also supplied with exhaust fans to allow air to circulate. These fans also ensure that the temperature and humidity remain constant during the use of the booths. The fans know when to turn on with the help of motion sensor triggers on the doors, so no energy is wasted.



Electricity is also an issue for those who need to use office equipment (e.g. computers and telephones) in the sound booths. There are multiple sockets in each pod: two USB ports providing fast charging, two sockets with three jacks and another open port for Ethernet and cable.


There are many benefits to using office pods, not just keeping employees away from the noise. They may just be one of the most valuable accessories you can add to your office.

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