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Shared office, empowering a new ecology of entrepreneurship

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-18      Origin: Site

With the increase in the number of startups and MSMEs, the traditional office model has become increasingly unable to cope with today's enterprises of different scales, and has become increasingly limited and narrow. 


In this context, the shared office rental model has become a new shared office space to meet the needs of entrepreneurs for office, social and business purposes. Startups and small and medium-sized enterprises inevitably bear the pressure of greater office costs due to low start-up costs, and will tend to be more flexible offices covering a variety of space services. Within the shared office, not only the requirements of startups and MSMEs for harsh office rentals are well met, but also the services are provided throughout.

In the traditional office rental model, the cumbersome design, decoration, and office environment configuration once again consume the labor costs of enterprises, and the environmental maintenance, hardware maintenance, and network maintenance after the office is put into operation are even more so, putting heavy pressure on the operating costs of enterprises. Startups and SMEs are limited by office rental budgets, and their needs for offices include office space adjustment, time adjustment, decoration, etc. These multiple needs fit exactly with the services provided by shared offices, with flexible lease terms and areas, and office areas full of design and fashion, allowing entrepreneurs to work in a comfortable and relaxed office environment.


Shared offices are more open and free than traditional offices. Flexible. Diversified office spaces include both open office spaces and independent office spaces, meeting different office requirements such as desired privacy and freedom. Startups or micro, small, medium, and medium-sized enterprises usually have smaller teams and less complex office needs than the average business. The shared office model redefines the way of working, creates a modern business atmosphere, and meets the different needs of companies or individual entrepreneurs for office and personal office space.


In the shared office model, the flexible planning of open and semi-open communication spaces, and even the regular arrangement of sharing sessions and other social activities that are both entertaining and knowledgeable, increase the opportunities for inter-company communication and cooperation, and create possible business exchanges. The shared office model can greatly reduce office costs and improve resource utilization, bringing convenience to many startups. 

Flexible office configuration: tables, chairs, cabinets, utilities, air conditioning, network, property management, etc. are fully equipped with complimentary network. And there are also recreation rooms, meeting rooms, pantries, etc. to meet the daily needs of companies. In addition to meeting the basic hardware and software needs of the office, start-up companies can reach out to more opportunities and even find future business opportunities and partners through the community platform operated by the shared office.



Shared offices precisely match the specific needs of startups and MSMEs for office space, reducing the information asymmetry in the middle and allowing companies to achieve a more efficient office. From the introduction of Internet thinking to technology-enabled entrepreneurial services, while doing a good job of providing basic office space, various entrepreneurial activities and sharing and exchange sessions are held from time to time, expanding the opportunities for entrepreneurs to socialize and share. It further realizes the time saving, heart saving, energy saving and safety, efficiency and convenience of office rental.

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