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Why choose office pods(1)

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The Office Pod is a new way to get more out of your office space. By placing a pod in your office, you and your employees will be able to enjoy a variety of benefits, which we will describe in more detail below.

Let's talk about it first, as this is the advantage you are probably most looking forward to. Having an office privacy pod means you can take calls in a quiet area without the distraction of noisy colleagues.



This is excellent for private phone conversations, especially for calls to projects that are governed by confidentiality agreements.


It can also give your team members the confidence that they can try to get the best deal from customers and suppliers. Building rapport is important in sales, but they may feel most stressed when working in an open plan office space with people nearby and need to keep chatter to a minimum. A more comfortable environment may lead to the type of conversation the customer needs to eventually close that large order.


It is often difficult to concentrate when on the phone and others are chatting nearby. Hearing two or more voices at once can be disorienting and may cause employees to lose track of what is being discussed.


For video conferencing and teleconferencing, this can be even more difficult. A dedicated phone booth allows you to put calls and videos on speaker without disturbing others. It also ensures a more professional environment, which is important for those at the other end of the production line.

You may be surprised to learn that open plan office spaces may actually be detrimental to the mental health of employees. Several studies have documented the adverse effects of this layout, and the availability of soundproof cubicles can alleviate many of these problems.


Lack of privacy, constant noise levels and the inability to control where you work: all of these are big issues that contribute to employee stress.


Having a quiet space in your office means that your employees can find privacy when they need it. It has been shown that employees work harder when they feel they are working in privacy. Eliminating this distraction allows workers to get on with the task at hand.


To achieve this advantage, physical barriers are just as important as the soundproofing aspect. Employees will not feel focused or insecure if one or the other person is missing.



According to numerous studies, noise in the workplace can have many negative health effects and this constant noise can distract our subconscious mind, even when we are not aware of it. It can raise stress levels from astronomical, which can trigger emotions like anger and frustration.


Most importantly, if workers don't have the option to change their environment, they can begin to feel helpless. Even in open spaces, they feel trapped, unable to control and get privacy or quiet when they need it.

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