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Shared office not only shares office, but also lies in the value of space

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-22      Origin: Site

For startups and MSMEs, the changing trends in office practices have raised questions about the value of office space, especially in big cities like Tier 1. Considering the long-term nature of office needs, excessive costs can be a heavy burden for companies, and in their view, most companies will adopt the shared office model in the future. 


This means that the office model will be transformed to create more space and value for companies. With the budding of the sharing economy, the act of sharing has become ubiquitous. From the early days of sharing bicycles to the current sharing of charging batteries, the concept of sharing has spanned all walks of life, and the sharing economy has become an important force within the social service industry, deeply influencing people's perceptions and lives. The concept of sharing is also applicable to the office rental industry. Most startups and MSMEs are shifting from traditional office space to shared offices to provide greater flexibility and lower fixed office costs.

The benefits of shared offices are obvious to employees and businesses alike. Shared offices are typically located in business district locations in cities with easy access to public transportation, saving employees the cost of commuting, both in terms of cost and time. It's easier to focus on work and enjoy greater freedom, among other benefits. 

Companies can also enjoy a well-located office at a fraction of the cost, which has a positive impact on the company's external image and is more conducive to conducting business. Shared offices enjoy high flexibility and cost effectiveness, with shared areas and a private, fully equipped office space. Unlike traditional office spaces, shared offices include teams of people and shared amenities, such as an open front desk, a lounge area with relaxing couches and scenic views, breakout rooms, pantries and fully functional meeting rooms. With a shared office, companies no longer need to worry about office maintenance, renovation or equipment installation, which greatly saves their energy and office efficiency.

Office space with poor environment or frequent office changes may affect work efficiency, teamwork and communication. Companies can reduce their startup costs by scaling back on office space expenses through shared offices. Shared offices are provided free of charge for decoration, office furniture, air conditioning, property management, utilities, etc. The savings may be needed for some businesses by paying for the office for free. Shared offices have flexible deadlines and hours. This allows companies to expand or reduce the number of employees according to their specific needs, without having to switch areas due to vacancies or small offices, making shared offices the perfect solution to reduce fixed office costs and expenses.

The future trend is that we will rely less on traditional offices and more on shared offices, a flexible office model that will be more conducive to business development and teamwork. The shared office is not limited to being a platform for information docking, but rather using the platform as an entry point to provide richer and more comprehensive entrepreneurial services for businesses. 


With shared offices as the core to capture users, it helps companies with different needs to solve different office needs and problems one-on-one. Under the Internet+ boom, it is user-first to help entrepreneurs, whether they are innovative or entrepreneurial. The office space and the relaxed and different flexible office style created by Creative Harbor, with amazing office technology facilities, meet the needs of modern enterprises for flexibility and rapid changes in different forms and occasions, making the office space with privacy, flexibility and service at the same time, providing a good office solution for many enterprises, especially startups and MSMEs, so that entrepreneurs can focus on development.

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