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5 Key Benefits of office pods

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Office pods are an important part of the modern open plan office. However, if you are considering buying an office pod for your workplace and are unsure of their benefits or where to buy one, keep reading the article and you will find the answer.

Office pods contain desks which usually have 3-4 sides and are usually roofed. In an open plan office layout they provide an enclosed space away from noise and distractions. Many can also be moved around. Some have acoustic properties that block out surrounding noise. They are an excellent solution for providing space in large open plan offices.

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1. They block out sound

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that office pods can block out noise. They can also block noise from entering, particularly acoustic office pods, which aim to block noise by up to 100%.

2. They are perfect for neurodiverse employees

Neurodiversity has always been a recurring factor in the office, but only recently has the workplace begun to cater for employees with different neurological needs. Many people with neurological differences need quiet places to concentrate. Conditions such as dyslexia, motor difficulties, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism often cause great anxiety in large open spaces.

Office pods are therefore the ideal cost-effective solution for meeting neurodiversity. Providing employees with a quiet place to concentrate and collect their thoughts will result in them becoming more productive.

3. Ideal for teleconferencing

If your organisation relies on remote teleconferencing for product demonstrations, customer meetings and gatherings, then an office pod is the ideal solution. Open offices can be noisy places and if you find that noise from elsewhere in the office disturbs calls, then it's time to consider an office pod. Likewise, noise from conference calls can be disruptive to nearby colleagues. Acoustic office pods are designed with many calls similar to those from telephone booths in mind.

4. they provide space to concentrate on other open plan offices

Are there neurological dispersions? It is well known that open plan offices can lead to lower employee productivity and increased illness and stress. But open plan offices are extremely cost effective, making them a popular choice. If you already have an open plan office, an office pod can help you create focal areas quickly and economically, as opposed to redesigning the entire office.

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5. Meeting pods save valuable boardroom time

Meeting rooms are a scarce commodity in any office. Having a private gathering space for 121 people, parties and small meetings of 4 or less means that meeting rooms can be freed up for larger meetings and external conferences. Larger office pods (such as train carriage style office pods) not only block out noise and distractions, but can often accommodate more than 3 seats.

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