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Office partitions should be designed with green finishes

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Office green decoration, all walks of life are strongly advocating green environmental protection, in the field of office design is to advocate the concept of green design, so we are engaged in office design is to do not forget to create a green office space environment, no or less pollution is also conducive to the health of the majority of our workplace white-collar workers. So what are the specific ways to adhere to the concept of green design in office design?


Refuse to exceed the standard materials.

Office green decoration, office design can not ignore the green, human health, so we must firmly resist over-standard decoration materials. Office design will often be part of the material contains toxic and harmful gases, so it is necessary to pay attention when using materials.

New energy-saving materials.


Office design needs to maximize the use of new energy-saving materials, which is a concrete expression of the concept of energy-saving and environmentally friendly design. So we have to advocate the choice of non-polluting or less polluting decoration materials. In addition there is a need to use energy-saving lamps, which is the practical action of adhering to energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition to electricity-saving lamps with low power consumption, water-saving devices should also be used to eliminate the waste of water.

Green decoration concept.


Office green decoration, on the other hand, office design should not forget an important event, namely the green decoration concept. We have to integrate this green decoration concept into the office design design at the beginning, we have to reduce pollution from the source that is. Many green plants can not only absorb harmful gases, carbon dioxide, but also beautify the space environment, so we can give the office to arrange some plants.

For the office, it is not necessary to decorate it how complex and luxurious, to achieve simplicity, comfort and highlight the image of corporate culture will do. And too much decoration and too many materials stacked together will make the office look more depressing and monotonous, as well as causing a waste of decoration materials.


Compared to lighting, using natural light which is definitely the best option, is both energy efficient and beneficial. In the design of office decoration places to rational planning, so that more conducive to the layout of natural lighting, as far as possible, choose floor-to-ceiling windows and some activities partition place, to avoid the blockage of natural light, so that you can make full use of the sun, reduce the time to turn on the lights, but also to save a great deal of electricity costs.


After the office renovation placed green plants, can effectively remove indoor toxic gases and dust, but also regulate the office environment, this office design in the modern work pressure long-term face computer employees, but also more humane, reflecting the green environmental protection.

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