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What are the community advantages of shared offices?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-25      Origin: Site

As the number of MSMEs and startups increases, the need for office space is also growing. However, the uncertainty of growth has caused MSMEs and startups to consider shrinking, downsizing and relocating their offices on the one hand, and the increase of individual entrepreneurs on the other hand, which also requires simple office space. 


At this point, the advantages of shared offices come to the fore, with flexible time frames of six months or a year, allowing startups and MSMEs to have more room to choose and adjust their company size and office population accordingly as they expand or contract. With the continuous development of new technologies, information sharing and digital economy have brought about changes in the working and living environment. 

The post-80s and post-90s have become the main force in the workplace ...... The simple office space positioning of traditional industrial parks and office buildings can no longer adapt to the current demand, which also requires traditional industrial parks and office buildings to upgrade from the market level. In this context, the shared office model has emerged.

Shared office, that is, to meet people's office needs, but also to meet the social life of entrepreneurs, for the enterprises stationed in the co-working space, they often share a common space, share a variety of basic services and innovative services. Through the community organization of occasional offline sharing sessions, exchange sessions and other activities, the communication between enterprises is promoted. Shared offices can not only share offices, but even share resources. 

Resources are not only space, but more importantly, expertise and business networks, and companies and business people of different categories in shared offices can use their respective strengths to explore spaces that can make up for each other and cooperate. This greatly increases the chances of cooperation and communication, and can even lead to development channels.

The advantage of a shared office community is that it brings together companies and professionals in related fields with similar goals and visions for growth. Once a solid community is formed, there is an inexhaustible supply of client resources, collaboration space and communication platforms within this community. By providing free desks, chairs, air conditioning, property management, utilities, and cleaning, the shared offices are designed to help freelancers, young startups, and micro, small, and medium-sized businesses that need space to work with limited means. The fully open office environment and rich leisure function partitions allow them to experience a new era of office life.


Shared Office provides shared office space services, creatively designed workspace and social platform with shared office space as the main body, integrating office space, entrepreneurial services and mutual community. Breaking the traditional concept of office, Creative Office provides a full range of online and offline shared office services for entrepreneurs, freelancers and practitioners of emerging industries. As an emerging industry, shared office challenges traditional office leasing. Growing small companies or individuals naturally prefer shared offices with both geographic location and time flexibility.

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