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Choosing the right office cube for your company

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When it comes to updating the layout or design of an office, opening a new location or even starting a new business, the question of purchasing office cubicles inevitably arises. Businesses often find themselves considering a variety of conditions (e.g. new versus old cubicles), various sizes and styles and the multiple layouts that can be achieved in their office space. Choosing the ideal cubicle will set the tone for your office for years to come, so it is important to have an in-depth knowledge of your business and its employees.



Your office design and layout should balance efficient use of building space with providing your employees with the space they need to be more productive.

Does your company value tradition or creativity? The answer to this question can help you narrow down your preferences for cubicle layouts, as well as cubicle colours and materials.


Is collaboration or privacy more important? Cubicles are designed to divide an office into many individual spaces and to limit or promote privacy at various heights. However, creativity often comes from collaboration and more creative businesses may be better off using a bench system as the basis for an open plan office with modular cubicles as complementary components.


How much space do your employees need? Some employees may only need computers and phones, while others may require multiple filing cabinets at their workstations. Knowing the needs of your employees makes deciding on cubicle sizes much easier. Employees don't need to waste a lot of extra space, just as they don't need someone else to squeeze into a cubicle.


Do you have a high or low staff turnover? Employees who may have to work for many years should be able to personalise their office, and this often requires more space. Employees in high turnover environments such as call centres may not need or want the space to add a personal touch.

After thinking about the above, you should start to consider the different styles and heights of office cubicles and how they will fit in with the rest of the office furniture in your workplace. The size and height of the cubicles you buy will help to organise your office and construct the culture you want to foster. Typically, there are three types of cubicles to choose from.


Call centre cubicles: These cubicles are ideal for businesses wishing to maximise the number of employees that can fit into a space. These cubicles are most commonly found in 2'x5', 4'x4' or 5'x5' and have shorter walls or glass panels for added transparency. These cubicles can only be occupied by one person and do not have much space to add to personal taste.

Standard cubicles: these work areas can actually be very spacious and can be arranged in various layouts or have different work surfaces. Standard office cubicles are for one employee only, but there is room for an extra chair if necessary. The extra space in these cabinets is usually dedicated to computers, new filing cabinets, used filing cabinets and other office equipment. Standard cubicle sizes are usually 6'x6', 6'x8' or 8'x8'.

Modular cubicles: Some employees require more privacy than standard office cubicles, especially in the areas of human resources, finance or medical staff. Modular offices, which are essentially high wall cubicles with doors, are a good solution to this problem. These cubicles have a larger footprint than standard cubicles and can be up to 12 feet high and are usually glass or solid panelled.

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