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How to choose the right shared office rental?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-24      Origin: Site

With the rise of the entrepreneurial wave, shared office leasing has entered an explosive period. The office environment of shared office leasing is often a combination of different companies and individuals, adding the elements of sharing and socializing to the traditional office, so that people can get out of the confines of the cubicle and communicate freely and share information in a flexible office environment


Behind the shared office rental fire is still thanks to the fact that the whole market has a lot of room for growth in demand for it. With the rapid development of the Internet era, many new industries and small and medium-sized enterprises continue to surge in number, their survival pressure is increasingly difficult, how to reduce the investment in fixed office and operation and maintenance costs is a common problem they face.

Shared office leasing has shared office area workstations for rent, there are also independent office area independent office, entrepreneurs can according to their own needs one person a table, but also more than one person a room, time selection is very flexible, six months or a year can be, according to the development needs of enterprises and the scale of adjustment and adjust the office space accordingly. 

For entrepreneurs, every amount of money is very precious, to reduce the cost of starting a business, we must consider how to reduce the cost of their own business in the case of quality assurance. Therefore, shared office leasing provides free desks and chairs and other equipment, and utilities, air conditioning, property management, cleaning, etc. are all-inclusive, which means that the lease price for entrepreneurs can also be reduced, alleviating their rental pressure.


In shared office leasing, the negotiation area and coffee area can be used for free, and the multi-functional meeting room can be reserved in advance, which can be used immediately. Office equipment such as desks and chairs are provided, and utilities, air conditioning, property management and cleaning are all-inclusive. What's more, with one workstation for rent, startups or freelancers can also work in the heart of the city. 

Shared office leasing places a lot of emphasis on site selection. Location is equally important to entrepreneurs. When conditions allow, one would want their company to be in the heart of the city with easy access to the city. This not only enhances the company's brand image, but also reduces the cost of transportation and time for employees.


Shared office leasing has more venues and more flexible time options, which can reduce the economic pressure of some startups and MSMEs. Shared office leasing insists on the continuous creation of late operation, service and community, and ecology will be the core competitiveness of the brand that makes the shared office leasing industry out of homogenization. Instead of limiting itself to space, Creative Harbor takes service as the key to competition and helps startups and MSMEs solve the problems they encounter on the road to entrepreneurship.

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