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6 reasons why offices choose to install Pods

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It is well known that privacy preserves are revolutionising the modern office, providing a stress-free environment for workers, away from the busy life of desks and open plan offices. There are many reasons why privacy reserves are excellent, and we will cover them in this article, but it is safe to say that they can increase productivity and provide workers with the opportunity to toss and turn - a place where they can complete any task with confidence.

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1) The average office worker works 40 hours a week


Commuters will spend a quarter of their time in the office, during which time the commuter is usually surrounded by other people. Whether it's meeting side-by-side with other colleagues or attending a conference. It sounds pleasant and friendly, but medical experts advise us humans need some alone time in order to stay focused and free from stress. That's why more offices are investing in privacy pods. By choosing to remove themselves from the buzz of the space, staff are more relaxed and at ease because they have the flexibility of knowing how many hours they should decide to use the pod to meet important deadlines.

2) A great solution for open plan offices


Open plan offices look great - no doubt about it - but the problem is that there is no privacy, which can be a fundamental problem for productivity and overall performance. The lack of physical walls or barriers in an office can cause a greater percentage of employees to feel anxious. For some people, being visible from all angles can lead to frustration and lack of confidence.


That said, open plan offices do have their advantages, which is why there are perfect solutions that work perfectly with this layout as well as office pods. The increase in offices can promote good health. As a result, many companies are beginning to utilise new forms of physical barriers to solve the problems caused by busy, open plan office layouts.

3) Employees can go to work in privacy without distraction


Studies have shown that once an employee is distracted in the office, it can take up to 25 minutes to refocus them and get their work back on track. As you can imagine, it is important to reduce or completely eliminate this time and with a designated private area you can provide your employees with a space where they can concentrate.


4) A variety of different privacy pod sizes


There is not always enough space in the office for everyone to use the privacy pane at the same time, but the variety of pane sizes will encourage more people to move their discussions to the group pane, thus reducing the noise level in the main office.


With individual sit-to-stand, standing and executive pods, individual and collaborative work can be done in these pods, resulting in fewer interruptions and higher productivity.


Privacy is important - if employees need to talk about health, holidays or other personal issues, there must be an element of confidentiality. Having the ability to go to a quiet place inspires confidence in your employees and helps everyone feel comfortable and able to talk about any issues they are facing.

5) Pods can be created to suit your interior style


Whichever interior style you adopt, pods can be customised to ensure they suit your surroundings. Pods can come in all shapes and sizes, and can look both modern and bright, or professional and sophisticated.


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6) Perfect for low budget projects


Pods are developed with usability in mind, it's all about the look and feel, but they have to have flexibility and edge, because otherwise, don't we just go and build walls?


It is much cheaper to provide a Privacy Pod than to call a builder and build a new wall. Privacy Pods are flexible, cheap and can be pushed in and out of the office to ensure the best location for them is found.


Privacy Pods are versatile in terms of size and portability, they suppress surrounding sound and are affordable, making them an ideal solution for any office.

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