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A few tips to find the right conference room size

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We explore square footage per person, meeting room sizes and general office space standards.

Office maths seems harder than calculus. You may come across some of the most permanent decisions a company may look for in a new office. How many square feet do I need? How much office space per person? What is a typical meeting room size? How many meeting rooms do we need? Depending on your lease, these decisions are usually valid for a minimum of 2 years, if not more than 10 or 20 years at the longest. Therefore, you may already be aware that it is important to consider all possibilities.



To forecast office space per person.

What kind of growth does the company expect? Both in terms of dollars and number of employees?

And what is the appropriate lease term? How much employee growth does the lease need to support?

What type of office environment do you want? Do you need a completely open environment where no one has a private office? Or do some employees need a private office?

How many people will be working part-time? Permanent? How many remote employees will you have?

How many people will be attending meetings each day? How many people will be focused on their work?

Currently, the North American average is 150-175 square feet per person. Open plan offices in technology companies typically use even less space at 125-175 square feet per person. International offices are even more efficient at around 100 square feet per person. We have found that an office space calculator is the best way to measure this, so you can map the entire office more visually rather than just calculating the number of people per person. Austin tenant consultants also add , "Rent office space to get you to your occupancy limit for about 2/3 or 3/4 of the entire term."

Large meeting rooms 15x25 sq ft 16-20 seat styles can be boardrooms, war rooms, specific to teams, classrooms, theatres or modular configurations to suit a variety of collaborative or training work environments.

Medium meeting rooms 10x25 sq ft 8-10 seat style are usually standard meeting room designs with tables and chairs.

Small meeting rooms 10x10 sq ft (seating for 4-6) styles can be standard for meetings, small talk, phone calls, interviews, wellness, brainstorming. As these spaces take up minimal space, you can get creative and experiment with different room styles to suit different working styles.

There is no one magic meeting room size, but rather the three categories should be used in different combinations depending on how the office works.


The best meeting rooms come in small packages. Many workplace surveys show similar statistics to CBRE, which suggests that " 59% of meetings involve only two to three people." This means that more than half of the meeting room should be located on the smaller side. The most popular meeting rooms in our office are the smaller meeting rooms Aussie West and Aussie Central (our preferred time zone).

A general rule of thumb is 1 meeting room for every 10-20 employees. Find the right ratio for the environment you are creating.

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