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How can office decoration effectively improve the sound insulation effect?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-22      Origin: Site

In the office area, the entire public area is the loudest. As some independent office areas, when decorating the office, the designer will consider its privacy and sound insulation effect. The sound insulation effect is the most common problem in office decoration, after the decoration of many company offices. Talking in this office can be heard by people in another office, causing many unnecessary misunderstandings. Therefore, in the office, office sound insulation is also more important. Let me introduce to you how to effectively improve the sound insulation effect of office decoration?


1. Before the office decoration, as a designer, you can reduce the noise in the later office through a unique design, thereby improving the sound insulation effect of the entire office area. Many of you have seen many walls in many train lanes and in the listening rooms of electronics factories that are designed as uneven walls, which can effectively increase the multiple refraction of sound waves, thereby reducing the noise and achieving the effect of sound insulation. 

2. When decorating the office, companies generally use some panels for partitions. At this time, many decoration companies will add some soundproof cotton and other soundproof materials in it. This kind of sound insulation can also provide some sound insulation and the effect is average.

3. Curtains, carpets and other fabrics are spread across the interior of the office, which can also have a good effect of absorbing noise. Therefore, when designing the office, it is also possible to use some textiles, which can not only play a decorative role, but also reduce noise.

4. The intensity of light will also affect the impact of noise on employees' work. Seeing is irrelevant things, in fact, the light will affect people's mood. The light in the office is too bright and will increase people's sensitivity to noise in the entire office area, so the office light should be as soft as possible.

5. Office furniture is also noise-reducing. Although it can't block the noise, when buying furniture if possible, buy it with fiber holes, which can effectively absorb the noise.


Everyone knows that sound is generated by the vibration of objects. The walls and floors in the space are processed to effectively reduce the sound transmission. Effective processing of these shells can play a very good role. Set up a floating ground, divide the ground into layers, which is very good for moisture and sound insulation. The wall can also be treated in this way, so that the entire space can achieve a floating effect, which can effectively eliminate the noise generated between the wall and the floor.

Sound insulation in an office is very important, and the requirements for sound insulation are different in offices that do not use companies. If you want a better sound insulation effect, you can build a solid wall. The sound insulation effect of this kind of wall is really good. Secondly, the sound insulation effect of glass partition walls is also good.


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