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How does office decoration make a small office look more spacious?

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Now, office decoration has become a norm, a display of power, and a comfortable office environment for office workers. For a small office, many details must be considered in the design, and a spacious visual effect of the office needs to be designed. So, how to make the decoration look more spacious?

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1. Indoor lighting

Office decoration methods use limited office space for scientific planning and layout. Small office space is small, and indoor lighting is particularly important. The office has good lighting and looks spacious and comfortable. The visual and psychological space will be much larger than the actual space, and the mood will be better.

2. Space layout

The layout of the office decoration space is more precise than that of the large space. After all, space is limited to meet the needs of various functions. Try to choose small office furniture and displays. Make the whole office decoration look comfortable and large. Partition wall is a common form of small space partition wall, which adopts transparent material or hollow partition wall form. The clever use of partition combination to divide the space can not only achieve the effect of functional partitioning, but also increase the visual perspective of the space and expand the visual capacity of the space.

3. Style direction

According to the actual situation of the office decoration plan, the partition can be used reasonably and skillfully to achieve the desired effect. The style positioning of public clothing in a small space meets the needs of users. Choosing a simple and generous style is conducive to displaying decorative effects. The space is small and the environment is simple, making the whole space clean and fresh. The clean and comfortable space brings good mood to employees and improves work efficiency.

4. Color matching

For office decoration, try to choose the same decoration color. Regardless of whether the ceiling, floor, furniture color, and wall need the same color, try to choose the right color and choose the color according to the company's positioning. It is necessary to ensure that the colors are properly matched. Try to choose high-purity, high-brightness decorative colors, but also warm colors, so that you can feel warm visually.


5. Decoration skills

In the decoration of the office, you can borrow some scenery or add some elements to connect the office space with it. Visually, you will feel the extension of the space. You can also hang a large landscape painting in the office to remind people of other spaces.

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