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How to choose the right door in the office decoration design process

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If the office door is not well chosen, it will affect the effect and image. If you say which door is better for office decoration, you can choose according to your own needs and the style of the office. After all, there are many types of doors on the market now, such as transparent glass doors, iron doors and wooden doors. Different doors bring different feelings to everyone. At this time, if you choose doors and windows, you will have a better effect and aesthetics, allowing everyone to have a comfortable office environment.

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Doors with better sound insulation are worth choosing. When working in office, most hope that the environment is quieter. Only then can you have a good thinking environment and allow yourself to have more plans in the thinking process. So don't choose a door casually, but match it with your own decoration style and sound insulation. Otherwise, there is no way to ensure the overall sound insulation and effect, and the noisy office environment will also have a bad mood.

1. Tempered Door

The general office door will choose tempered glass. Because the tempered glass door is simple and bright, you can see the people inside from the outside, and many companies also choose this. Moreover, the toughened glass door is very strong, and it is also suitable for office doors. Now there are many office decoration designs that choose such doors.

2. Pure solid wood door

The price of pure solid wood doors is slightly more expensive than other doors, but the texture is better, and the grade is not lost to other brands. However, if the quality is not good enough, cracks may appear after a long time, so you must be optimistic when choosing.

3. Solid wood paint-free door

First, there is solid wood as the main structure, which is a kind of pine, and then a panel similar to laminate flooring is attached to the surface, and a layer of PVC material is hot pressed on the surface. The surface of this door is not very lubricated, the gloss is not very good, and the film on the surface is prone to blistering over time.

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4. Composite solid wood door

Similar to general paint-free doors, solid wood is used as the main structure, with pine wood inside, and then various panels for cleaning oil are hot pressed on the surface. Then painted, it is the cheapest door, the defect is that the leather is easier to open.

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