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How to design office color and light for office decoration

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Nowadays, many people not only care about the decoration of the home, but also pay attention to the decoration of the work area. I hope that the decoration style can bring you a happy mood when you work. Generally, the decoration will be controlled from the color, light and layout. In order to pursue the trend, some companies will decorate the office very badly, in various colors, which is very unsightly.


Therefore, when we carry out the office decoration design, we need to grasp the rationality of the color addition, so as not to bring visual pollution to people. So for office decoration, how to design the office color and light?

1. In the design of office decoration, the color matching needs to be concise and bright, and do not deliberately design high-profile and peculiar. It is important to understand the trend, but it is not good to deviate from reality. You need to pay attention to the main consumer in the office. The characteristics of each office are different. It is necessary to combine business concepts according to the different tastes of customers, and try to highlight the characteristics of the office decoration itself.

2. The brighter the light in the office space, the better, but an important issue needs to be considered. That is to prevent the reflected light of the display from causing eye discomfort for a long time, so it is necessary to consider the installation position of the light and the use of warm-color lights.

3. The clever use of colors and lights, such as office ceilings and wall decorations, is also very important. Office decoration design, like the wall, is generally designed with simple shapes. There are also some game advertisements, beverages and other businesses that will paste posters in the office as wall decorations.

4. In the office ceiling, different types of materials will be selected, generally divided into flat ceilings, plaster ceilings and grid ceilings. The design form of the ceiling will be relatively simple, it can be painted black, or use a building frame to reflect the sense of space, which can not only save money, but also reflect a new type of design.

5. When operating office decoration, although there are not many requirements for office floor decoration. However, the office is a densely staffed place, so it is necessary to choose a more wear-resistant floor material instead of using cheap polished tiles. The quality of such tiles is average and will cause damage to the floor. The cleanliness of the office is also one of the conditions for choosing office materials. Cheap laminate flooring cannot be used.


Everyone's favorite style is different, and the decoration style for each industry is also different. At present, it has not been said which specific industry is suitable for which style, and the specifics still depend on the situation on the spot. Only with a good match, will it bring people a visual enjoyment.

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