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How to divide the space reasonably in the office decoration design?z

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"The sparrow is small, but it has all five internal organs" is probably a high evaluation of an office decoration design. No matter how small the space is, there must be basic functional areas. For the decoration design and layout of small offices, office area, meeting room, leisure area, meeting area, pantry, and toilet are all indispensable. Therefore, the division of space has become a very important matter. The office is small, how to divide the space reasonably?

office partition

01. Partitions such as low cabinets

Bookshelves, storage cabinets, combined low cabinets, etc. are all good partitions, which are cheap and flexible to divide the space. The flexibility is strong and there is a lot of room for change. At the same time, it also takes on the important task of office decoration design and storage. Some professional books and office supplies can be placed inside, making the entire space clean and artistic.

02, glass sliding door


If the office uses an open layout, the working area, leisure area, meeting area, etc. are all in a large space. At this time, if a sliding door is added between the office area and the meeting room or the leisure area, this problem will be perfectly solved, and the space division will be clearer and more layered.


The sliding door here can be a glass sliding door, through which light can pass, which ensures the permeability of the space and protects privacy more than the cabinet partition.

03, vertical partition


Vertical partitions present the modern and simple style of office decoration design, economical and fashionable, and continuous. This kind of partition allows light to circulate freely in the room without the oppressive feeling of a solid wall. The partition materials and shapes that make the small space look more transparent, bright and unique, can add a special flavor to the small office area.


A small space is not like a large space, which has a lot of room to play, but it should be as small and delicate as possible. The color selection of the small space partition should conform to the overall tone style of the office decoration design. Too prominent colors will make the partition not match the space. Try to choose some simple colors instead of mixing all the good-looking colors.

When decorating partitions in a small space, you can remember a rule: the choice of warm and cold tones is proportional to the relationship between the sense of space.

Partitioned by cool colors, cool colors have a better sense of space, which makes people feel that the remaining space is larger.


Partitioned by warm colors, warm colors can shorten the distance of space and make people feel close. You can choose according to the tone and needs of the office decoration design.

The height of the partition should also be selected according to the size of the office space. A relatively high partition is used to divide a relatively large space, and a relatively low partition is used to divide a relatively small space. If you use a relatively high partition in a small space, it will make people feel depressed. On the contrary, if small partitions are used in large spaces, the partition effect will not be achieved.

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