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How to have a good space layout plan for office design?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-07      Origin: Site

To do a good job in office design, you need to do a good job in the positioning, use, layout, ventilation, lighting, color design, Feng Shui science, etc. of the space. These have a great impact on the work efficiency of employees, and the old space design no longer meets the new demands. How to make employees more efficient through office design and have a higher sense of belonging to the company requires good space design and planning.

Why do you have to do a good job in the layout and planning of the space when designing the office? It is because the office has different functional areas, and the usage of different functional areas is also different. Therefore, when decorating the office, if you can ensure that these areas are reasonably planned, the space of each staff member will be reasonably used. Thus, to a certain extent, it can also greatly improve the work efficiency of these office workers, and bring higher benefits to the enterprise.


1. To have an in-depth understanding of the type of company and corporate culture

Only by fully understanding the type of company, the industry and corporate culture, internal operating procedures, business processes, and customer service characteristics, can we design an office space that better reflects the style and characteristics of the enterprise, making the design more personalized and life-saving.

2. To understand the establishment and relationship of the internal organization of the enterprise

Only by thoroughly understanding the internal organization of the enterprise can we determine the area required by each department, plan the flow of people, and design the flow line. Know the basic staff structure of the company in advance. This is the steps and links that the office design agency must understand in order to better design and decorate the office.

3.  for the office design, there must be forward-looking considerations

A professional office design agency must learn the cutting-edge technology and technology of modern office. Not only must the reliable use of network wiring systems, communications, and overall wiring be done well, but also the need to adapt to the needs of the times and design the use of forward-looking technologies for low-carbon environmental protection.

4. create a comfortable space

Office design should make use of simple techniques as much as possible, avoiding the use of past design shapes, cumbersome details and decorative descriptions, and excessive and strong color embellishments. When planning lighting, air conditioning and choosing office furniture, full consideration should be given to their applicability and comfort.

5. Let employees have the spirit of ownership

Because the renovated office is prepared for employees, the experience of employees is very important. This is where they will work in the future, and the office design must consider the comfort of employees.


When designing the office, we should also pay attention to the style of the entire space design. Nowadays, companies often combine their own cultural background and humanistic environment when designing their space. Because of the office created through these aspects, its design and decoration can often give people a more intuitive and high-end feeling. Therefore, when looking for a decoration company, the company must find a more professional and responsible decoration company to do it, so as to achieve a satisfactory office decoration effect.

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