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How to maintain the glass partition wall in the office

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For glass partition walls, many customers will ask us whether this type of glass partition does not require maintenance and is different from the office furniture or computer objects we use. Of course, the maintenance of glass partitions will be much more convenient than furniture or computers. 

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Because the glass partition is a wall, basically the wall will not be moved after installation. Except for the double-layer built-in louvered glass partition, manual knobs are used, and other things do not need to be moved. However, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of glass partitions, try to make office glass partitions to ensure the safety of the glass, and avoid spontaneous explosion or cracks in the cold winter.

For office glass partitions, there will be some thermal expansion and contraction with the temperature changes throughout the year. Partitions are affected by climatic conditions. In winter and summer, in areas with large temperature changes in the morning and evening, the heat absorption of the coated glass should be considered. Coated glass is a high absorber of solar radiant heat. In the hot areas of the south, the temperature is higher in summer. In this way, the thermal stress in the glass body is also extremely large. If the thickness of the structural adhesive paste is too large, it will affect the free expansion and contraction of the coated glass, and it is easy to cause the coated glass to explode.

The maintenance of glass partitions should not only pay attention to the precautions in the decoration process, but also the later maintenance and maintenance. In this way, the service life of the partition can be increased, and the inconvenience caused by maintenance can be avoided.

For the maintenance of the partition, pay attention to the protection of the partition when installing the partition, and the fixing must be firm to prevent the partition from being scratched and scratched during the construction process. When transporting the partition, please handle it with care and do not damage the partition.

In daily use, keep the partition clean and tidy, do not hang objects on the partition, and clean the partition surface regularly or irregularly. The partition of wooden materials should also pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof measures to avoid the break of the partition caused by wood rot. Avoid squeezing or hitting the partition with heavy objects to prevent the partition from being unstable and shaking.

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Insulating glass should be the original nature of the glue between the glass. Don't let the glue dry or lose its viscosity. Pay special attention to the sealing effect to prevent water or dust from falling into the hollow part, causing the partition stains to be difficult to remove.

The importance of the maintenance of office partitions can save repair time and the cost of replacing partitions, so that employees can work better and more at ease.

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