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How to maintain the glass partition with built-in shutters

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Glass louver partitions are currently widely used in my life, and glass louver partitions are currently widely used in my life. Knowing the proper maintenance techniques will help ensure the service life of the glass louver partition. I often see mold on many partitions. What should I do if this happens? Today I will introduce how to maintain the glass partition with built-in shutters.

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Insulating glass shutters perfectly combine insulating glass with shutters, and insulating glass shutters perfectly combine insulating glass with shutters. It is convenient and fashionable to install the shutters in the hollow glass. The angle of the magnetic blinds can be adjusted 180 degrees at will to make it completely transparent, semi-transparent or shading. At the same time, all blinds can be pulled up to become all transparent windows, which can completely replace bulky and complicated curtains, which not only saves the use space, but also achieves the purpose of shading.

If you want the glass shutter partition to remain as new for many years, the shutter partition needs to be cleaned regularly. Extend life span and give full play to its advantages. Today I will introduce how to maintain and clean the insulating glass shutters.

Or use a hand-held vacuum cleaner with fur to remove dust from the shutters. The most common method is to wipe it locally with warm water on a soft cloth or sponge. The washing steps are not difficult, but you still need to pay attention to dismantling the louver partition. First, disassemble the aluminum-magnesium alloy partition frame bead, and first talk about the cleaning of the louver.

You can remove a piece of glass to remove the blinds after using the dust broom to sweep the dust. If you want to remove this glass partition wall, it is recommended to remove both pieces of glass and then take down the venetian blinds.

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Next is the cleaning of the glass. There are many tips for cleaning glass on the Internet that can achieve very good results. It can not only remove stains on the glass, but also make the glass brighter. For example, wipe the glass with the cross section of green onions can also play a cleaning role. If it is for a small area of glass at home, the above tips are all applicable, but it is more suitable for cleaning large areas of glass in the office or wiping with a wet towel or newspaper. If there is any stain, wipe it off with a towel dipped in beer or vinegar. In addition, you can also use glass cleaners currently on the market to avoid cleaning with strong acid and alkali solutions.

So that you have your own peaceful life, the hollow glass shutters also have the functions of sound insulation and heat preservation. Regardless of winter and summer, the angle of the blinds can be adjusted to achieve the effect of shading or lighting and heating, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Regular cleaning of shutter partitions is also a maintenance for shutter glass partitions. Proper maintenance can improve the grade of the office and extend the service life of the partitions.

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