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How to set up successful office pods

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Office pods are used for personal productivity and focused work. They should be used by many types of employees, so, as in a crowded room, please minimise decorative efforts and instead make the pods shine for their purpose.

Office pods come in a variety of sizes, some of which can only accommodate one standing worker, while others are suitable for two people. We think you can get the most out of a medium-sized pod, while only one worker can sit or stand while focusing on their task.


Find pods with tables, chairs and at least one glass door. Get an office pod on wheels. Your workspace is bound to change over time and you don't want to throw away that advertising streak just because you're walking around the rest of the place. Think of pods as part of your furniture, using them as partitions or even as decorative elements (indeed, some of them look very elegant).

Office pods should be easy to use, but as they will be popular with all types of workers, there should be an option to reserve them on the company's shared calendar rather than on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure there is a display outside the pods so that people can see when/if they have booked them.

Dynamic ventilation systems and sunroofs sound impressive, but less fancy options are fine if you choose them. Just make sure there are plenty of power outlets, natural light and an ergonomic laptop setup. There may also be no need to connect other monitors.

The good news is that the Office Pod comes fully equipped when you buy it from the manufacturer. So all you have to worry about is putting it together and reaping the benefits.

Do you have a problem with people who are in the meeting room just to make a phone call? No private areas? Working on an open plan office plan? Then an office pod may be for you.


If you already have some areas that focus on privacy, then perhaps you don't need a pod in your office.

An open plan office is great for transparency and inclusivity, but it's also a more distracting way to work because every conversation and decision is public.

Boiling it down to productivity versus social activity, we believe that to run a successful business you need two things. Your work area should be flexible enough to accommodate the variety of things you might encounter and the different types of employees; introverts and extroverts.

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