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Key points of office partition design

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The quality of the office design is directly related to the company's corporate image and affects the enthusiasm of employees. Nowadays, the offices are all open, and the office space is mainly divided by office partitions. So, how to design the partitions of each area in the office reasonably?

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1. The company restaurant and leisure area advocate individuality and relaxed atmosphere, and can be designed with artistic partitions to reflect the company's corporate culture and style.

2. The financial room, meeting room and reception room are places that need to be quiet. Solid partitions or frosted glass can be used for partitioning, and the sound insulation function can be strengthened.

3. The management personnel area, using glass office compartments to divide the area into independent spaces. The design of transparent glass and blinds can shorten the distance between employees. At the same time, the walls of the room are shared, so the space use efficiency will be greatly improved.

4. The main office area of the employees corresponding to each department can be low partitioned, and then coordinated with office facilities, the office space can be planned as large as the original. Taking into account the large number of employees in the office area, lighting and ventilation are particularly important, and at the same time, the privacy of employees must be taken into account.

The key points of office partition design are office partition products with diverse colors and flexible styles. The frame aluminum alloy can be sprayed with fluorocarbon on the surface according to the color of the customer, and the color is rich and diverse. It can be divided into upper and lower two-stage, three-stage, single-layer glass, double-layer glass with shutters, frosted glass, plate, cloth surface decoration, and many other styles.

On-site assembly, tailor-made, transport the used partition frame materials to the construction site for assembly, tailor-made, to avoid dimensional errors.

Office partition products have built-in structure and reuse. All connections and fixings are completed inside the product, and can be disassembled and reused. Wires can be laid inside the frame. There is no need to bury the wall, the maintenance and replacement of the wires are more convenient, and the strong and weak electricity are separated.

office partition

Soundproof and fireproof. The built-in sealing tape plays the role of sound insulation and dust prevention. The partition system is entirely composed of metal structures, and fireproof materials such as fireproof glass and color steel plates can be selected. The fire resistance of the material can reach 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Office decoration companies always match and choose materials, and material selection is very important for glass partitions. The selection and processing of partition materials are based on the above two principles. So as to achieve good image shaping and wonderful color matching. Especially, the office partition is a non-functional component, so the decorative effect of the material can be put in the first place.

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