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Key points of small office design(2)

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Bright and green

The sense of brightness in the office can affect the work efficiency of employees. If the light in the office is too dim, it will affect the work mood and efficiency of employees. And a bright office will not make people feel depressed because of the small space. The setting of doors, windows and lighting positions should be reasonable to ensure indoor brightness. At the same time, potted plants can be placed in the office, which can not only mediate the mood, but also make the office environment full of life, thereby relieving pressure, improving work efficiency, and giving people spiritual brightness.


The ceiling is small and flexible

If the ceiling is set too low, it will give people a feeling of depression and dullness, especially for small offices. Restricted by area factors, the area of each functional area of the office is generally small. If the ceiling is too low or too complex, the space will appear smaller, so small offices are still suitable for ceilings with simple lines, compact and flexible.

Vision keeps going

Small offices are suitable for open design, and there should not be too many partitions to divide the space. You can use semi-partitioned methods such as bookshelves and floor cabinets to divide office areas with different functions. If you need to avoid interference, you must use partitions, you can use glass partitions, can maintain the space with good permeability and lighting effects. If it is a wood partition or a gypsum board partition wall, which produces a visual partition effect, the space becomes depressing.

Open office design is the best choice for small office decoration, and it is also a representative of modern new offices. Modern office design also pays attention to the research of office environment.

Because the office space is small, the formation of a sense of order is very important, and the office decoration should be simple, complete, and rhythmic. For example, the style and color of office furniture remain unified, the plane layout has regular partition height and the unity of color materials, the flatness of the ceiling and the lack of fancy decoration on the wall, reasonable indoor color and the guidance of the flow of people. These are closely related to the formation of office order.


Introducing the natural environment into the interior, greening the indoor and outdoor environments, and bringing a spin-off to the office environment. Small offices should also make full use of the knowledge of ergonomics, and design according to the functions and dimensions required by ergonomics during office decoration. These are also the basic elements of office design.

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