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Office Cube Promote Employee Health(1)

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Who is the client or employee first? The employee! If your employees are unhappy, then your customers are unhappy and your employees won't stay long enough to look after them.



The business theory of "the customer is never wrong" is as outdated as the open plan office, the hot line office, the cubicle and the corner office. Companies are finally starting to realise that employees should be at the heart of their corporate strategy and are creating employee-centred workplaces to reflect that strategy.


Your employees are more important than the products or services you provide, because your employees are the first people to interact with customers, they are the ones who sell and close deals. If employees aren't part of a company culture that cares about themselves, their work or their work style, why would they care about helping the company and making the C-Suite richer?


"It's a question of motivation, okay? Now, if I'm financially savvy and Initech will ship a few more units, then I don't see another dime, so where's the motivation?"

-Peter Gibbons, Office Space


Investing in an 'employee first' culture is investing in improved customer service, quality of work, culture and morale and the longevity of your business. ...... This is how.

Office Pods increase privacy, productivity and motivation

The main reason companies buy privacy pods is the lack of privacy in their offices. In other words, employees lack the ability to escape office noise, forcing them to use headphones in their own way, take longer and longer breaks, take longer and longer lunches and leave late and leave early.


Productivity suffers as much as it does. Imagine how much work would be done, and how much better it would be, if your entire workforce were not distracted throughout the day. By giving employees the choice of where and how they want to work in privacy, you empower them to be proactive and get the job done. Without a place to focus or collaborate, the true potential of each employee is hindered.


Office privacy pods also help with visual distraction. The best way to concentrate is in a solitary place where you can't hear or see your colleagues.


Privacy sanctuaries retain top talent and strengthen company culture


Millennials currently make up a third of the workforce and will make up more than half of the workforce by 2025. The competition to hire top talent has never been fiercer. Company culture is fundamental to hiring and retaining top talent, and that means creating a workplace that matches what millennials want to work in.


Millennials will enjoy a lower paying job in the office they commute to every morning and a higher paying job in the office they enjoy. Loyalty to their employers is important to them, and they want their employers to be loyal too.

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