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Office Cube Promote Employee Health(2)

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Heather Lord, head of strategy and innovation at investment firm Capital Group, says: "Employers may benefit from millennial loyalty if they can satisfy their desire for benefits and personal development commensurate with their values."


Privacy pods help create an enjoyable workplace, which in turn increases loyalty to employees and helps retain top talent, thus enhancing company culture. The addition of privacy pods is a cumulative effect and a long-term business strategy.


Soundproof Office Pods are easier, cheaper and more modular

Installing a privacy pod takes only a few hours compared to building a conference room, which would require closing part or all of the office, relocating staff and equipment, and could result in a drop in performance and sales.


Phone pods are also usually cheaper than fixed structures, especially if you want to soundproof a permanent meeting room, which may not be very effective. Soundproofed office pods are tried and tested.


Just to add a deal, they can be shifted too! Simply slide the pod into place when redesigning your office, otherwise we can take it apart and deliver it to your new office space.


Private booths promote employee health

Noise in the office not only affects productivity, but also health. Studies have shown that constant noise pollution increases stress levels and can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, weight gain and even depression.


To make matters worse, many workplaces trap employees at their desks without any option to avoid office noise. This leads to increased use of sick leave and higher turnover rates.


Adding privacy pods to the office can help prevent health problems and improve overall workplace well-being.


Happy employees, happy management

Dealing with a disgruntled and angry team is a manager's worst nightmare. How do you fix it? Keep your employees happy! How do you make your employees happy? Give them the freedom and trust to be more productive and let the results show productivity rather than time spent at their desks.


Adding a phone booth can provide employees with options to work where and how they need to.



Maintain valuable natural light with brighter booths

A study of 1,614 North American employees found that access to natural light was the number one factor in the workplace environment. Read more about how employees get natural light and how natural light is the number one factor in the office.

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