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Office decoration is mainly divided into several functional areas

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The office decoration is divided into multiple units and multiple decoration groups. If the decoration is carried out step by step, it can improve efficiency. Even all simple office decoration should be the same. Many people divide the functional structure of the office into multiple sections. This does not greatly improve the decoration efficiency. It is necessary to carry out the decoration design after functional zoning. Then, which functional areas are mainly divided into the office decoration?


Multifunctional room: The sense of order is very important in the office decoration design and planning. The sense of order determines whether the office space is quiet and tidy. The multifunctional room is equipped with reasonable decorative paintings and green plants. The interior color and flow of people are very reasonable. Coupled with the flat ceiling and wall, all these are closely related to the sense of order. Office decoration is very focused on functionality, reducing the Chinese and unrealistic design of office decoration, and highlighting the practicality and functionality of the office on the basis of beauty.

Conference room: Small conference rooms can choose white and bright yellow to make the whole environment clean and bright. Bright colors give people a sense of cleanliness and make people happy. Bright colors can also increase indoor lighting in daylight.

The office decoration lighting layout is very reasonable and there is sufficient light, which is also determined by the function request of the meeting room. The office decoration space is required to have a smooth shape and abandon fancy and impractical decorations. Only simple decorative paintings and lines of the ceiling part are used to enhance the modern artistic sense. The large-area multi-functional rack is reasonably placed to maximize the function of file storage requirements.

Restaurant: In order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and enhance democratic management, the offices of many companies often use shared spaces. The open design of finely crafted office decoration has become a feature of a modern new office and a concept of a new modern office space. In many office decorations, you can see the very modern pantry and restaurant design is simple but not simple, and on the basis of meeting the needs of use, it has achieved the purpose of looking good.


If the office decoration area is larger and involves more locations, you can also perform a second division in the decoration unit. Key areas should be considered. Key areas such as the general manager’s office or the chairman’s office should be personalized but also integrated with the whole, so the office decoration needs professional operations.

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