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Office green plant placement tips

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For the placement of office green plants, you must choose the right plants and place them in the right place. At the same time, you must pay attention to the color matching. Here are some things about the maintenance of office plants.

1. Choose the right plant

Not all green plants can be placed in the office. On the one hand, according to the size of the space, the natural light conditions in the room should be considered, and the types of shade-loving and shade-tolerant are usually selected. On the other hand, consider the size of the room and the lighting conditions, so as to have the main and the second, and the four seasons are different.

office plants

2. Put it in the right place

(1) The boss's office is suitable for plants with good meanings such as fortune tree and Brazilian ironwood, as well as bonsai such as banyan tree and national orchid.

(2) The office area is usually large, which is suitable for large areas of green plants to purify the air, but also to relieve work fatigue. You can place green dill, ivy, spider plant, etc. on desks and corners.

(3) The humidity in the bathroom is heavier, so it is better to choose the types of plants, and it is suitable for plants that like water. For example, Phnom Penh rich bamboo.

3. Make a good color match

When placing plants, you should also consider whether the plants are incompatible with the office style itself. Offices with different functions should also have different leaf colors. For example, the conference room should have a sense of tranquility, so plants with light green leaves should be placed. better.

4. Plant placement in a small space

Small spaces can also be fully utilized. For example, office corners, corridor edges, rest areas, etc. are all places that cannot be left behind. It is also the best choice to place some small potted plants or spider plants, as long as they are designed properly, they can become a home for green plants.

office plants

1. It is not advisable to water too much

Indoor rental plants are generally in a cool or slightly sunny location, and photosynthesis is not sufficient. Too much watering of potted plants, photosynthesis is not enough to remove the water, it will cause the roots to suffocate and rot, and the yellow leaves fall off. Therefore, the watering of office plants should adhere to the principle of "seeing dry and wet, watering thoroughly". But there are also plants that are easier to feed and do not need to be maintained. If you don't want to move, you can ask the rental company to replace them. This is a major advantage of plant rentals.

2. Not suitable for exposure or insufficient light

The biggest difficulty in renting plants indoors is that the amount of light that can be received indoors is far from enough. But sunlight is an indispensable element, so indoor plants need to be moved outside to allow them to receive enough sunlight for photosynthesis. In this way, the leaves will not turn yellow, the growth potential can reach the standard, and they can better absorb carbon dioxide and computer radiation. Only when the plants grow well can the spirit of the company's employees be improved.

3. Don't fertilize too much or too little

Office plants can receive limited sunlight, which leads to careful fertilization. Because the general plant rental company will help with maintenance, the general fertilization work is not done by company employees. But if there is that leisure and elegance, you can also apply a little fertilizer. Too much fertilization will cause the seedlings to burn, but at this time you can water more to dilute, but too little fertilization will cause soil compaction, yellow leaves and slender branches. Fertilizer should be applied immediately at this time and the effect will be visible within a week.

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