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Office lighting must be taken seriously(1)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-26      Origin: Site

Office decoration can be said to be a very complex project, involving many projects, such as rendering design, construction drawing design, fire protection engineering, air conditioning installation and transformation, strong and weak power distribution control, walls, water and electricity, etc. 


When designing and constructing, it is necessary to consider the daylighting issues thoroughly. Once incomplete consideration, the impact will be huge, and the entire office may need to be redesigned. Today, I will share with you how important is the office decoration lighting problem?

A good office cannot be separated from a good office decoration design and a good construction team. These all need one thing to assist, that is, the "light source". Without light, the entire office will appear lifeless and lifeless, and it will give employees a negative effect, resulting in a continuous decrease in work efficiency.

Before the office decoration, you must choose an office or office building with relatively better lighting, which can play a vital role in the development of the company itself. Therefore, in the office decoration design, daylighting should be the first priority, taking into account the daylighting problem of each functional area.

The public office area is particularly important, because it is the quasi-core of the entire company, and once the daylighting issue is not fully considered. First, working in a dark environment all the time, it is easy to cause discomfort. Second, working in an environment with insufficient lighting will result in poor work efficiency and unintentional work.

We spend almost one-third of our time in the office every day. I believe many people don't know the importance of office decoration design and daylighting. It is reported that natural lighting is a very important factor whether it is Nanjing office decoration or home decoration. Therefore, many buildings will be very carefully selected during the development and construction period. On the one hand, it is sunny in the four seasons, on the other hand, it is to adhere to a good daylighting angle and prevent the direct seasonal influence of the wind and rain seasons.

For office decoration, daylighting is not only because of the season or orientation, but also because of the authentic demand for natural lighting. Natural lighting cannot be replaced by artificial light sources. This is the main reason why many office buildings use glass walls.


Then, the understanding of daylighting for office decoration is that the light changes from morning to night in the office every day, and it is not right for the light to be too bright or too dark. In order to have a more comfortable office environment, artificial lighting should be combined with natural lighting when designing the office to form a comfortable office lighting environment. Therefore, the office environment will directly affect our health. Today, let’s take a look at how to calculate the impact of lighting, lighting, etc. on health.

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