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Office lighting must be taken seriously(2)

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In general, the office will set up an open office area. As the area with the largest proportion of office space, the collective office covers all functional departments of the company, including computer operation, writing, telephone communication, thinking, work communication, meetings and other office activities. It is better to use local lighting forgeneral work lighting, which will produce a relatively calm and tranquil environment. In addition to light, the shape of the lamps should not be too gorgeous, creating a comfortable learning quiet.


Researchers from Northwestern University School of Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign jointly conducted the study. They found that employees who work in well-lit offices have better sleep quality, have more physical exercises, and have higher mental well-being than employees who work in poorly lit environments. And happy and healthy employees are generally also more creative employees.

How to choose the lighting for office decoration? In lighting, the above office behavior should be combined with uniformity and comfort as the design principle, a uniform spacing method should be adopted, and the corresponding lighting fixtures should be used in conjunction with the ground function area. The grid lamp panel is used in the workbench area to make the work space even light and reduce glare. The passage area of the collective office is illuminated by energy-saving downlights to add light to the passage, so as not to cause eye fatigue due to insufficient light.

How to choose the heating and cooling lighting in the office? Natural lighting is the best. Since office hours are almost always during the day, artificial lighting should be combined with natural lighting to form a harmonious lighting environment. Office buildings generally have central air-conditioning installed, and they often cannot open the windows for ventilation. In fact, people working in office buildings with insufficient ventilation are often dizzy and difficult to perform in good working conditions.

The design of the office should make reasonable use of natural light and artificial lighting facilities, and pay attention to the flow of natural light when laying out the space. For example, the manager's office design and group office design should be set as close as possible to the window lighting area, so that the office area can make full use of natural light, thereby increasing the utilization of natural light in the office.


At the same time, artificial lighting should be reasonably configured in other areas of the office design, such as the product display area, and the transparency and brightness of the office design should be improved through the use of natural light and artificial lighting. Transparent office design can relieve the work pressure of office staff and improve work efficiency, which is also a design trend in future office design.

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