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Office partition design considerations

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The partition of office decoration is an indispensable decoration. Whether it is used as a space division or as an interior decoration, the use of partitions is still a very common and important object in office decoration. At present, most companies choose glass partitions. The use of double-layer tempered glass not only ensures the division of space and the sound insulation effect, but also allows colleagues to easily adjust the visibility of the glass inside and outside at any time.

office partition

Compared with glass partitions in office decoration, screen partitions may appear less frequently. In fact, there are many kinds of materials and styles of screen partitions, which can be very flexibly matched with the decoration design style, and can also create a unique style.

First of all, when designing, the designer must understand the characteristics of the office enterprise, the space structure, the number of personnel, the division of departments and other factors, as well as clearly know what effect they want to achieve by using the partition in the office.

In addition, designers need to have a certain understanding of different types of partition materials, to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the materials and the effect of the design, whether they can make up for other disadvantages of their own office, etc.

The office partition layout has high flexibility, and the space with different functions has good flexibility, which can meet the needs of enterprises for free adjustment of space in the future, and the space can also be adjusted according to the needs of different departments.

The partition layout of the office facilitates employees' daily work and emotional communication, helps to enhance the team's spirit of cooperation and cohesion, and allows employees to form a competitive supervision with each other, and the overall feeling is warm and humane.

The design of partitions for office decoration is too numerous to mention. If solid partitions are used as in the past, it will waste space and also require a lot of capital and time costs. The most important thing is that the partitions of solid walls abruptly divide the space, and it feels like separation rather than partition.


First of all, the color of the screen partition should be the same series of colors according to the indoor style. It is not appropriate to choose too exaggerated colors in order to highlight the existence of the screen, which does not match the whole space. The choice of warm and cold colors is directly proportional to the relationship between the sense of space. The cool color has a better sense of space, which makes people feel that the remaining space is larger. However, warm colors are not suitable for use in relatively compact working spaces with small per capita space.

Secondly, the height of the screen partition should be selected according to the size of the office space and the high-rise. A relatively high screen is used to divide a relatively large space, and a relatively low screen is used to divide a relatively small space. If a relatively high screen is used in a small working space, it will make people feel depressed.


Finally, the purpose of office decoration design is to create existential value, which is the so-called cultural value and artistic value. This requires that the characteristics of corporate culture, product image and strategic requirements should be combined in the office decoration design.

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