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Partition can also become the protagonist of office space

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Many companies now install partitions in their offices. Partitions are a common decoration method in the current decoration design, which is convenient and simple to install and can achieve a better decoration effect. So what are the materials of common partitions and what are the benefits of office partitions? Let’s share with you some common materials of office partitions and installation benefits today!

office partition

1. Glass

Glass and aluminum alloy is the most common partition in the office. This combination has better aesthetics and permeability, but also protects privacy and creates a better office environment. There are also many office partition walls that use transparent hollow glass with venetian blinds, which are more suitable for use in aisles and supervisory offices. Venetian blinds can switch between privacy and openness as needed, and have a good decorative effect.

2. Curtain

The office leisure area can be partitioned by curtains, such as cloth curtains, gauze curtains, bead curtains and other materials. The method is simple and decorative, and the ventilation and lighting effects are good.

3. Cabinet

Generally speaking, the privacy requirements of the office are not so strict, so it is also good to use semi-open cabinets to partition. The cabinets can be used as storage cabinets, display cabinets, etc., wood and metal have better decorative effects.

Second, the benefits of office partitions

1. Maximize the use of space

The partition divides the office area into several small spaces, such as meeting rooms, training rooms, exhibition areas, rest areas, etc. Each area of the office can be used, and the space utilization rate is greatly enhanced.

2. Independent space, beautify the environment

Office partitions can facilitate communication with customers, and create an independent working space for each employee, so that their work will not be disturbed, and work efficiency can be improved. Modern office partitions have various colors and styles, which can make the office environment more comfortable and warm. The different partitions are staggered and arranged in an orderly manner, creating a simple, flexible and humanized office space.

To choose a glass partition, you must first see whether the glass partition meets the relevant national standards and whether the frame material is strong. This is related to the safety of the glass partition.

Then it is whether the glass partition is soundproof. According to the demand, the glass partition has sound insulation or non-sound insulation, mainly to see if there is an interlayer and whether it meets the sound insulation standard.

office partition

Finally, look at the style of the glass partition. The style of the glass partition is mainly the material treatment of the frame and the texture of the glass surface. The frame is basically a color problem. It is best to coordinate with the environment. For glass, you can choose frosted blasted glass to ensure privacy.

The above is a general introduction about the common materials and benefits of partitions. Office decoration reflects the cultural image of a company. It is very important to choose a suitable decoration company before decoration.

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