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Partition, constant beauty

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Partition is an indispensable design element for dividing the space. In addition, it can also block the line of sight and beautify the decoration, making the space flexible and changeable. The partition, the constant beauty of the partition, is a unique landscape hidden in the office.


1. Glass partition

Can be transparent, can be matte, and even have a variety of textures, glass partitions have become a common choice for office spaces. The glass partition has many roles. Sometimes it can be a door, sometimes a partition wall, and sometimes a decorative shape. Small spaces can also use glass partitions to expand the sense of vision.

2, hollow partition


Many modern companies prefer to choose the new Chinese style, and the new Chinese style office has a form of partition that is highly photographed-hollow partition.

This kind of partition creates a rich layering with natural and unique textures and clean lines, making the space more flexible and exuding infinite classical style.

The shape of the hollow partitions is generally in the form of vertical bars, and there are also traditional carved and back-shaped patterns. When used in the new Chinese style, it appears simple and elegant, and has the dual effects of light transmission and decoration, and full of charm.

3, the screen


The antique screen partition is one of the most representative soul elements of Chinese style. In ancient times, the earliest function of the screen was to block the wind, because the ancients needed to study ink for writing, and the ink dries after the wind blows for a long time. The screen needs to be covered to maintain the ink's wetness. Later, the screen was given the function of dividing space and increasing privacy, and gradually evolved into a Chinese-style decoration, creating a unique hazy beauty for the space.

The cultural heritage of the screen, combined with the aesthetic appeal and humanistic sentiment revealed in the ancient poems, reveals the traditional Chinese aesthetic culture to the fullest, which makes people feel unfinished and produces unlimited reveries.

4. Partition cabinet


A design that integrates cabinets or shelves with partitions. This partition pursues practicality. It can not only separate the space, but also increase the functions of storage, display, and optimization of the layout, so as to achieve communication and interaction between different areas.

office partition

5. Other partitions


There are also some more individual, bold, and creative partition shapes, which also create more highlights for the space and add a touch of agile charm.

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