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The difference between hidden frame glass partition and panoramic glass partition

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Both are glass partition products. What is the difference between a hidden frame glass partition and a panoramic glass partition? Let's talk about it below:

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1. Hidden frame glass partitions can only be double-layer glass partitions, while panoramic glass partitions can be single-layer or double-layer glass partitions.As can be seen from the name, this product has a frame. The frame here means that there are frames around the single glass panel. Then why the hidden frame glass partition wall must be double-glazed panel?

This starts from the installation method of this product. The so-called hidden frame is just to hide the frame on the bottom surface of the glass panel, that is to say, the frame is assembled first, and then the white or black painted glass is baked around. The panel is covered on the frame. They are pasted together with a special double-sided 2mm glue. The frame of the panel combined in this way must be installed with a hollow double-layer frame, otherwise the frame on the back will be exposed, so the appearance will be very unsightly.

2. Panoramic glass partitioning the panorama means that there is no frame between the glass and the glass, that is, the connecting part between the two glass panels is frameless, so that the whole piece of glass and the panoramic view can be felt.

As mentioned above, there are frames around the glass panels of the hidden frame glass partition, but they are hidden behind the glass panels, and the connection between the glass panels of the glass partition wall of the panoramic office is frameless.

The first thing is to choose the pattern. The crack stretches and refreshes the effect best. In the event of an accidental impact on the laminated glass partition, the glass fragments will be firmly glued to the film in the glass, and the fragments will not fall apart and splash out. It can be said that laminated glass is a safety glass in a full sense.

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The hot-melt glass, also known as crystal three-dimensional art glass, has become a local "bright spot" in the bathroom due to its luxurious appearance, beautiful appearance and strong three-dimensional effect. It is the most popular glass jewelry in the world with strong decorative performance. Partitions are called office partitions when the office space is separated. Most office partitions are made of glass materials, and glass partitions are called glass partitions. Since the office needs to show simplicity, convenience, atmosphere, and class, most of them use glass partitions. It has good lighting, makes people feel transparent and comfortable.

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