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The difference between single-layer glass partition and double-layer glass partition

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The main structure of the single-layer glass partition wall is a high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy frame with a wall thickness of 1.4mm-2.5mm and toughened safety glass. It is composed of melamine board panel partition wall, sound-absorbing board, steel plate, etc. panels and polymer synthetic sealing tape, which fully meets the requirements of fire prevention, moisture resistance, compression resistance, and earthquake resistance. The single-layer and simple design concept is comparable to the world's cutting-edge technology standards, and the alternation of office and life, truly realizing the integration of space and people.

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Product characteristics and scope of application of single-layer glass partition: Safe and environmentally friendly, simple and fast, flexible and diverse, full-featured, stylish and elegant. Mainly applicable to Grade A office buildings, high-level clubs, banks, securities companies, insurance companies, government agencies, airports, laboratories and precision workshops, etc.

The double-glazed partition, as the name suggests. That is, the double-glazed partition group is fully integrated into the glass partition system wall. Also called glass partition or office partition. Double glass partitions can be divided into the following two types:

1. Multi-cell type double glass partitions.

The double-glazed partition system is advanced in design and contains the brilliance of science and technology. The lines are simple and tough, and it deserves to be a modern nobleman in the high partition. Its safe and stable steel column structure, simple lines, and meticulous craftsmanship give the modern office environment a noble and introverted cultural connotation.

The multi-cell double-layer glass partition product has the characteristics of fashion, elegance, simplicity and exquisiteness, and low construction noise, which does not affect the work and life of people around. It can be partially disassembled and reused for many times. It is the preferred material for low carbon and environmental protection.

2. Japanese-shaped double-glazed partition

The Japanese-shaped glass partition system is quite the most popular European style at present. At the same time, the designer has cleverly integrated Chinese elements. The combination of the Founder's tough exterior frame and the crystal clear glass panel further highlights its own solemnity. With the atmosphere. Interior designers usually choose to split the module to the top mode.

Of course, when choosing Japanese-shaped double-layer glass partitions, it is recommended to choose toughened 5mm safety glass, because it is quite worth recommending from a comprehensive comparison. In occasions with high requirements for sound insulation, it is recommended to use different thicknesses of glass on both sides, which can greatly reduce the transmission of sound waves. Frosted glass whose surface is easy to get dirty is not recommended for single-layer use. When used on both sides, the frosted glass should be installed on the inside.

Generally considering the strength of the glass, installation convenience and transportation restrictions, the area of a single piece of glass is not recommended to exceed 3 square meters. It is recommended that when using extra-ordinary and extra-wide glass panels, it is necessary to determine in advance whether the transportation and handling channels are convenient and the additional expenses are considered.

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Japanese-shaped double-layer glass partitions are suitable for expo venues, exhibition venues, large, medium and small meeting rooms, multi-function halls, star-rated hotels, clubs, and institutions that have high requirements for fire protection, sound insulation, robustness, product appearance, etc. Office buildings, commercial office buildings, high-end villas, colleges and universities, banks, hospitals, laboratories, and offices, large-scale enterprise unit control rooms, centralized control rooms, fine processing workshops and other places.

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