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The placement of custom partitions

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How should custom partitions be matched to highlight their usefulness? In the process of whole house customization, many people tend to ignore the partitions. Suitable partitions can enrich the home space. Let’s take a look at how the partitions should be matched to highlight their usefulness and where are the partitions placed? How should the partitions be matched

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1. If the space between the dining room and the living room is too large and empty, you can also try custom partitions. This will make the family feel more layered. Recommend a partition that connects the living room and dining room. The cabinet is made of logs and white, giving people a very refreshing feeling overall. Customized entrance cabinets in the living room and dining room can not only place sundries, but also place idle tableware or special ornaments to give the overall sense of style.

2.  If the living room faces the door and you don’t want to be seen by people outside, you can also use partitions to block outside vision. If you need to store more and more miscellaneous things, you can use a closed locker. If you want to put more decorations, you can customize a few more compartments. However, it is recommended to use a locker below and a compartment above. It can be used for decoration and storage.

3. The location of the partition must be well controlled. Compared with the people who customize the console cabinet in the console, I think the storage space of the console cabinet is large. I recommend a porch partition. The overall wood color matches the whole style of the home. The bottom is a storage cabinet, and the top is a ladder-shaped storage compartment. The platform where the locker is connected to the storage compartment can be used to put sundries such as keys and bags. The biggest advantage is that it can block the state of looking directly into the living room from the outside.

The color of the office space will affect people's working conditions, job satisfaction, communication comfort and quality to a certain extent. When high-brightness and dark colors are used on a large area of the office space, employees will work better and experience the vast space environment. However, due to the different sensitivity of individuals to environmental color changes, it is impossible to measure and control the color design of the office environment very accurately.

office partition

The color matching of office partitions is very important. Ingenious matching can make the whole person's body relaxed. Harmonious colors can make people optimistic, positive, relaxed, and happy. Disharmonious ones are on the contrary. Office partitions strive to follow the principles of big jumps and small harmony.

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