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The role of office glass stickers anti-collision strips

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Offices usually use glass doors, and glass doors are always easy to be ignored by us, so we need to choose other things to prompt.

At this time, we will use the anti-collision strip, which is also the glass sticker we often hear, and it is easy and quick to paste. Regardless of the small one, the role it can play is not to be underestimated. It can remind us at any time, so that we can pay attention to the glass door, so as not to collide with it and cause unexpected danger.

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In the daily situation, we choose to paste the frosted glass sticker, which is to cut the glass film into frosted strips of uniform length or width, and then evenly paste on the glass door or glass partition, so that it can be better decorated and reminded. 

The material used for the glass door anti-collision strip is PVC, which is what we usually call plastic material. What is the anti-collision strip for glass doors that we see in our daily life? Is it like a film on the glass? Chemical materials such as PVC and plastic raw materials make the glass door anti-collision strip more robust. Although a lot of chemical materials are added to the glass door anti-collision strip, it does not affect the health of the human body. These are non-toxic.

What's more, it is important to add a waterproof waterproof tape, so even if it gets wet, it won't damage the original appearance. This is the characteristic of PVC. It is thin and light, and it is soft and easy. It can be designed and printed on various patterns. It is beautiful when pasted on the glass door without affecting the line of sight. PVC also has a characteristic that it is not easy to be corroded, whether it is stained with water or grease, it is easy to clean up, and it will not change color or stain. Therefore, the cleaning of glass doors and windows with anti-collision strips on glass doors will not be affected. Clean water or detergent can be used, and the PVC material will not be affected.

The anti-collision strips for glass doors have two functions. One is for the beauty of the glass door. The glass door is inherently transparent and does not contain any impurities. If you decorate some anti-collision strips on the glass door, you can increase the beauty of the glass door. The second is to identify the anti-collision strip of the glass door, which serves as a reminder to prevent some people from accidents and prevent danger.

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If you want to stick an anti-collision strip on the glass door, then you should also learn about its paving method. First, you need to clean up the side to be attached, and then dry it, then you need to measure, measure the size you need, and then cut it. Then tear off the adhesive behind the anti-collision strip, and lightly stick it on it first, and then press it firmly to make sure it is correct.

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