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These places are partitioned by glass, which is beautiful and practical

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Many people choose glass partitions when dividing space. The most common ones are small-sized users and office spaces. Compared with other partitions, glass partitions have their own advantages.


The first advantage of glass partition is that the safety factor is relatively high. Even if there are cracks and broken phenomena, the glass partitioned by the glass is broken into granules, which causes very little damage to the human body. Furthermore, the glass partition itself has good stability, not only impact resistance but also excellent compressive strength.

Then the glass partition occupies a smaller space than other partitions, so it is very suitable for small apartment. The use of glass partitions will not have the feeling of crowded space, and the high lighting of the glass makes the small space not feel depressed, which can effectively reduce the waste of space.

Finally, the later work of the glass partition is easier to do, not only the later construction and renovation are easy, but the sanitary cleaning work is also very convenient.

In our new house decoration design, there will inevitably be places that need to be partitioned. There are many ways to partition. Today I will tell you about glass partitions. The glass partitions in these places are both beautiful and practical. Let’s take a look.

1. Door glass partition


Nowadays, many new house types can see the living room as soon as they enter the door. The privacy is not very high. At this time, we will consider making a partition at the entrance to distinguish the entrance space from the living room. We can divide the two spaces with a glass partition, which can serve as a partition without blocking the line of sight and affecting the sense of space.

2. Study room glass partition


The glass partition in the study can be said to be the most popular design at present. Whether it is a large apartment or a small apartment, the glass partition in the study is transparent and will not affect the sense of space. It is stylish and has a sense of texture.

3. Kitchen glass partition


If the kitchen space is not large, but you don't want to be an open kitchen, then we can use glass walls to partition it, which not only plays a role of visual transparency and sound insulation, but also blocks oily smoke. Close the glass door, the noise in the kitchen is basically inaudible outside. The glass wall partition can be made into a partial or glass sliding door, and the decorative effect is good.

office partition

4. Bathroom shower glass partition


The glass partition in the bathroom shower area certainly doesn’t need me to say any more, the appearance is beautiful, can isolate the damp, fashionable and beautiful.

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