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Tips on the design of office corridors

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Office building corridor design is reasonable, to a certain extent, can improve the grade of space. For the corridor walls, ground decoration should not be taken lightly. Office building decoration corridor decorative design how to do? What are the skills on the design of office corridors?


Office corridors can reflect the corporate culture and space aesthetics. Many companies will choose to use marble to decorate the corridor floor design of the office corridor, the color should be around the main colour of the entire office space to choose. Marble will generally be used beige or apricot texture, the corridor of the office building using marble decoration is the benefit of being able to look high-grade and easy to clean.


The corridor floor decoration material of the office building can also use the grey ground tiles to pave the corridor floor out of the feeling of stability and atmosphere. Corridor side of the office wall for the toughened glass, paste a layer of blue film, indicating that people here is the office, but also a good protection of privacy. The other side of the corridor is the wall card holder, surrounded by bookshelves of card holders can let the company rest at the same time to supplement the nutritional knowledge required by the brain, but also to decorate the corridor wall.


Office corridor decoration design highlights is the wall decoration of the aisle, if the aisle is very wide, then the wall should have - a good planning and use, you can put some corporate culture promotional products, but also use some classic success stories to encourage everyone's work, if the corridor is narrow, it is necessary to consider an extension of the decorations, can give a better visual effect.


Office building aisle wall decoration is the focus of the entire corridor design part, how the corridor wall body area is large, you can do in the two sides of the corporate image wall, hanging some corporate honorary certificate or corporate development history of the propaganda book. If the corridor wall is too wide then you can also install - a broader tea mirror glass, mirror surrounded by silver-white aluminum framing, the foot of the wall below the placement of bonsai or flowers to set off the natural scenery of its interior, to the entire office empty of vitality.



As for the colour decoration design of office corridors, each colour has common characteristics of the five elements, even if you want to pick non-white light lighting, but also based on the corridor is located in the five elements to pick the colour, too eye-catching colourful lighting, but also make people from the corridor through the uneasy feeling, in the colour of the thick will disrupt the original rules of the aura, and then make people unstable mood.

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