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What are the common partition types in office decoration?

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Partition wall is an important part of modern office decoration. Its function is to separate the entire office area, but often separate it, so that it is integrated with the entire space. Separate spaces are often used in meeting rooms, negotiation rooms, independent offices, etc. So what are our common office partition walls?

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1. Glass partition

The glass sheet is the highest level partition that can completely divide the space. Glass spacers are usually divided into tempered and non-tempered, frosted and non-frosted. Its decorative effect is simple and lively, beautiful and fashionable, and it is currently the most popular type of partition.

The glass partition has the characteristics of good lighting, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection, simple disassembly and assembly, short construction period, and reusability.

2. Gypsum board partition

Stucco partition refers to a lightweight partition wall composed of stucco sheets or hollow stucco slats, and light steel keel stucco partitions are common. Because it has better privacy, it is often used in financial rooms, archives and other places with high confidentiality.

It is characterized by sound insulation, fire prevention, humidity control, simple structure, high stability, strong plasticity and easy installation.

3. Screen partition

The screen partition is to use the screen to partition the space to block the line of sight, creating a relatively private office environment for office staff. There are two types of metal screens and wooden screens. Wooden screens are common in Chinese office decoration.

Screen partitions are highly ornamental, can well decorate the office environment, and at the same time have the role of regional division. However, screen partitions are usually used in Chinese-style office environments, and other styles of office space decoration are rare, so their applicability is not high, the cost is relatively high, and subsequent maintenance needs to be paid attention to.

It is characterized by beautiful appearance, ventilation, durability, convenience, environmental protection, safety and space saving.

4. Light brick partition.

Light brick partition refers to the space partition of a non-load-bearing wall formed by using lightweight bricks or lightweight blocks through special binder masonry. It is usually used as a background wall for the front desk to separate the front desk from the office.


The product features are sound insulation, fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, green and environmental protection, and rapid construction.


office partition

5. Cement wall partition


In recent years, lightweight cement wall partitions are also more popular, especially in industrial style office decoration.


It is characterized by sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, high stability, not easy to crack, good confidentiality, and relatively low price.

6: Green partition


Using plants as the partition of the space is also one of the current partition treatment schemes in the office environment.


The embedded plant design can not only subtly divide the space, but also create the effect of an indoor garden.


Hanging plants are used as the partition of the space. You only need to choose a simple sunny space and fill it with different plants to be both eye-catching and refreshing.


However, plant screens need to be irrigated and trimmed regularly to maintain their shape and characteristics, and broken plants need to be replaced in time, and maintenance requires a lot of manpower and material resources.

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