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What are the features and benefits of Office pods

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Meeting booths and pods have become an important part of the modern workplace, across a wide range of industries. However, it's not just about equipping your office with the latest products. In this article, we would like to highlight some of the key benefits of this miniature work environment, including:

Better privacy

Improved health

Lower stress levels

Focused attention

Supports confidentiality

Eliminate excess noise (acoustic pods)

This product is used to create meeting areas in the workplace that may not be as large or as well executed as a boardroom. It provides a place where one or more employees can leave their work area when their tasks require it.


That is, the Meeting Pod actually has many other uses besides meetings. These include personal focus or concentration, making a private call somewhere or as a revival space where employees can recharge and refresh.


Basically, it's about creating a micro-environment within the wider working environment, providing a place where users can find space, quiet, privacy or a distraction-free focus. As a result, as meeting pods become more commonplace in modern work environments, they are also becoming more versatile.

These days, conference booths or pods can come in all shapes and sizes, with sheds and phone booths being one of the most popular design inspirations. As product development progresses and the market offers more choice, we are seeing a wide range of options.

As we often say, any product or design decision must fulfil a function and look good. Therefore, if you are considering installing a conference pod or booth in your work area, it is important to first consider what you want to get out of the product.

As experts begin to predict a reduction in open plan work, one of the main problems that has been identified is the lack of privacy. Ninety-five per cent of workers say they need quiet, private spaces, while 41 per cent say they can't use them - such facilities are the ideal way to accommodate these workers without upsetting the bank or causing any disruption.

Another issue that has attracted more attention since open plan offices have become increasingly popular is the problem of excessive noise. Many conference pods and booths are now manufactured using acoustic materials that help to absorb unwanted background sound.

According to Steelcase research, we are distracted every 11 minutes and 25% of time wasted is due to distractions in or near the work area. Providing a place where people can escape visual and audio distractions will help to keep concentration and productivity well organised.

office pod

Creating work environments that are designed for common workplace issues is an effective way to improve employee experience and job satisfaction. Motivation levels and workplace positivity will be higher and stress levels will be lower.


Office renovations or refurbishments can be very costly, especially if structural changes are involved. Meeting booths or pods allow you to create a self-sufficient work environment in a wider workplace, thus saving more money and hassle.

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