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What are the functions of the frosted film on the glass partition door

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We often see the presence of frosted film in office places, such as office partitions, office anti-collision strips, meeting rooms and other places will choose frosted film. The frosted film has a characteristic, that is, it is transparent and opaque, and it will not affect the penetration of visible light after installation. But it can realize the function of protecting privacy. A separate office is often used. Compared with traditional blinds, curtains and other items, it is more convenient and practical, and easy to clean.

We can also find that glass partitions will be installed in the office or the living room, kitchen, etc. of our family. Because such a partition with a thicker brick wall saves several times the space and is more beautiful. We can also choose to paste various pattern stickers on the partition glass, etc., and also choose its permeability.

For example, it is possible to choose double-sided opaque, or one-way transparent, or double-sided transparent effects, which can fully realize the requirements of our dressing space, and the realization of these requirements can choose to use glass film.

Under normal circumstances, if we choose glass partition film, we will mostly use frosted film. Because it has the effect of being opaque on both sides, it can well protect the ordinary transparent glass and turn it into a double-sided opaque effect, which better protects the privacy of both sides. The glass door and shower room of the bathroom will also choose frosted film, which can also protect the glass and enhance the safety of the glass in daily life.

After installing the frosted film, the surface of the object can be smooth to not smooth, so that the light will form a diffuse reflection, which can reduce the discomfort of the glare to the eyes and relieve the visual fatigue caused by the glare.

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Just like when we usually wash photos, we always prefer to choose frosted photos. Because the frosted texture looks more atmospheric, and there will be no reflections or glare in the lighted place, the surface will look softer, and the hand feels good. The frosted film is also very sculptural, and we can also customize unique patterns and patterns according to our needs, highlighting our own style.

The glass film can give the building a new and unique appearance, and its cost is only a small part of the cost of other renovations. And it will not cause the inconvenience of indoor personnel migration.

Deep dyed film, semi-reflective or full-reflective film, rich in colors and patterns, provide a wide range of ideas for the architect's design. Viewed from the inside out, the architectural membrane is comfortable and pleasant, blocks strong light and has no scene distortion. From the outside to the inside, the architectural membrane has a harmonious appearance, adding beauty to the building.

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