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What are the main functions of glass in office decoration?

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Office decoration design must rely on laminated glass to reflect its own life first, and laminated glass must consider everyone's many versatility requirements. The life of interior decoration design consists of glass bodies, which are used in interior space design with different functions in the internal and external shapes, and the requirements for the versatility of laminated glass are also different.

office partition

1. Glass partition


The main purpose of glass in the whole office decoration is to make glass partitions, which are the main building materials for isolating spaces. The high partition made by the glass partition can not only achieve the effect of dividing the space, but also retain its aesthetic effect, which is conducive to creating a high-quality office environment.

2. For glass doors


In modern office spaces, doors are changing more and more, although open office spaces are a major trend. However, where necessary, partitions and doors are used to separate the space to create an independent office environment, such as the financial room, the leadership office, and the meeting room.


The glass door can not only achieve space isolation, but also retain the advantages of glass, which can better communicate with the glass partition to form a perfect office space separation system.

3. Glass decorations

In office decoration, clever use of various glass decorations can better show the light and color of the office space to a certain extent. Under different light and colors, these glass decorations can show different visual forms, and it is easy to form a comfortable visual effect. If they are well matched, they are the best choice to create a good working atmosphere and are urgently needed by many companies.

In the commercial space, with its emphasis on temperature and light, the curtain wall glass and panoramic skylight that immediately touch the outside not only reflect the contemporary translucent atmosphere, but also have the characteristics of anti-theft and explosion-proof. And can adjust the outdoor temperature flexibly, adjust the height of the light source.



The high-quality living habits, humanism and artistic beauty of visual taste in contemporary daily consumer life will have a key influence on the selection of the versatility of laminated glass, and there will be unique regulations.

When presenting a quiet resting place for customers in a hotel restaurant, or showing a consumer indoor space that meets national standards, etc. The materials dominated by sound insulation glass, low-emissivity laminated glass, hot melt glass, and glass bricks, with their unique sound insulation, noise reduction, emerald green physical and mental health, and distinctive sense of space. Achieved a unique shape that successfully created the essence of the role of the hotel restaurant.

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