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What are the precautions for office decoration design

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-25      Origin: Site

Different industries have different cultures, and different companies have different business development priorities. Therefore, when designing office space for enterprises, different space designs should be made according to the requirements of different enterprises. After years of actual design and decoration cases, I have summarized the following points that need special attention, let's take a look:


1. To fit the company's positioning

Each company has its own specific business, and the space design should enable the company to develop in the long run. The office decoration design will reflect the company's business characteristics in the decoration. For example, the space of the advertising company should be as free and casual as possible, and the wall color should be mixed and matched. If it is a law firm, its space should be rigorous, and the materials and colors selected should not be too jumpy so as not to give people a sense of unreliability.

2. Pay attention to details that are easy to overlook

There are many details that are easy to overlook in the office, such as some green plants, decorative paintings, and carpets. Pay attention to the placement and color matching to achieve a harmonious and unified standard. The basic standard of office decoration design is harmony and unity. If the details are careless, it will give customers a feeling that they are also not careful in business and may lose potential orders.

3. Be wary of feng shui taboos

Many business operators have a certain degree of emphasis on Feng Shui, and office decoration design will be particularly wary of some taboos of Feng Shui in actual projects. For example, the placement of office seats and the division of space must not conflict with Feng Shui. In a strict sense, Feng Shui also has a certain scientific basis. For example, a place with good sunshine gives people a happy mood, and the square and unobstructed pattern gives people a sense of atmosphere, so following Feng Shui is not blind and superstition.

There is a difference between office decoration and home decoration, because the office is mainly used for people's office, so the office decoration should pay attention to the sense of order. In addition to facilitating people to communicate at work, the office environment must also be tidy and generous.


Office design should also pay attention to the matching of colors, because a good environment can bring comfort and relaxation to people and increase office efficiency. But it can't be too gorgeous and lively, or it will lose the solemn sense of the office's exclusive. Secondly, the color matching can also increase the lighting effect, which not only increases the lighting of the office, but also gives people a bright feeling.

The decoration materials should be environmentally friendly, which not only improves the quality of the office, but also helps the staff's body and mind, making everyone more comfortable in the office.

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