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What are the types of office glass doors

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The safety glass door pays attention to the service life and safety. It is generally made of toughened glass, which is stronger than ordinary glass and is not prone to breakage, which can ensure the safety of users. The use of glass doors is more frequent. After long-term use, glass doors are prone to safety problems. The safety of safety glass doors can be assured. In addition to its own sturdiness, its reinforcement measures are much safer than ordinary glass doors.

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Smart sensor glass doors are generally used in office doors, because smart sensor glass doors usually have an access control system, which is much more advanced than ordinary glass doors. Generally, the doors of powerful companies are equipped with smart sensor glass doors. The company's situation can be seen from the outside, and the external situation can also be seen from the inside. While it is convenient for people to enter and exit, it can also demonstrate the strength of the company. Therefore, smart sensor glass doors are more used in office decoration.

The coated glass door is coated with a layer of film on the basis of the original glass, so the transparency of the glass door is lost. This type of glass door is popular with companies that need privacy and can well protect the company's privacy. This kind of glass door is relatively fuzzy, and some companies will also adopt a partial transparency effect. When looking for a company, customers can still see the company's front desk, name, logo, etc., which can protect privacy and retain the original transparency. 

Decorative glass doors are very common in office decoration. They have a strong decorative effect and a wide range of patterns. You can choose your favorite patterns at will. Moreover, there are many choices of decorative glass doors, mainly depending on which type of decoration you prefer, and at the same time it has all the characteristics of glass doors such as simple cleaning, strong corrosion resistance and so on. At the same time, the gloss effect of the decorative glass door is particularly good, especially when the sun is reflected in it, and the reflection of the pattern can add an artistic conception to the office environment.

Energy-saving glass doors are made with extremely special craftsmanship and coloring techniques, so that the glass doors have the effect of absorbing the heat of sunlight radiation, so that the softness of the sunlight irradiated in the room is increased, and it will not hurt people themselves. Most of the windows used in office building decoration now use this energy-saving glass, which not only absorbs heat, but also has a little warmth.

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There is a certain distance between the two pieces of glass of the hollow glass door, and the two pieces of glass are glued together by the glue joint method. The surrounding area is then sealed with a material with better sealing properties. This kind of glass door is often used in office decoration with sound insulation requirements.

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