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What features should Office Pods have?(1)

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Soundproof pods create a framework for quiet focus and efficient work in noisy environments.

Firstly, pods need to be placed in open spaces to maintain a quiet focal point. A telephone booth, a conference room, a space for independent work and a breakout area can all be used to meet different needs.


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There are many different manufacturers of pods on the market. It is a good idea to take some time to compare options before deciding to buy, as the user experience and functionality of the pod will determine whether the space is suitable for its intended use.

Quality pods can be used in a wide range of applications: in addition to offices, they can also be used, for example, in hospitals, schools and other public places as telephone booths, chat rooms and leisure areas.

The most important stage in selecting a pod is to clearly define the intended use of the space. The challenges associated with the working environment should be asked directly of the users of the space to ensure that the pod meets their needs and thus helps to improve the conditions for successful working.


Often modular pods are purchased to meet urgent and personal needs: to increase privacy, improve quiet focus and provide a workplace that would not be optimally supported by the current working environment without the pod. This is why one pod is rarely sufficient to meet the needs of a large number of users.


However, if the size of the container allows, for example, the same space can even be used for very different needs. In addition to working individually, it is also possible to work in pairs, teleconference or conference. Before purchasing, consideration should also be given to the working environment in which the pods will be placed. In the best case scenario, for example, the placement of glass walls and door handles can be optimised to suit their position. Taking these factors into account will make the pod as easy to use as possible and ensure that it blends seamlessly into the working environment.

Adequate sound insulation is one of the most important features of a pod. A poorly insulated space does not provide privacy and peace of mind for the user.


Depending on how the space is used, the workspace must be shielded from external sound and prevent internal sound from emanating. Well-insulated pods can be used flexibly for different purposes, for example as a place for quiet focusing and as a meeting room. The sound insulation must therefore be of a sufficiently high quality in both directions.


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In addition to sound insulation, the acoustics of the space should also be taken into account before making a purchasing decision. In particular, pods used as telephone booths or conference rooms should be the best choice for remote meetings and should be sufficiently sound attenuated. If employees are disturbed by the sound emanating from a nearby phone booth, the space will not serve its design purpose.

The modern office environment evolves as the user evolves. The flexible and modifiable pods allow for rapid changes to the space as activities and user needs change.

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