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What is the significance of putting green plants in office decoration

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What is the significance of putting green plants in office decoration? I believe that as you can see, many offices now put some green plants to make the space look fresher and more natural. Many customers don’t know the significance of putting green plants in our office decoration. In fact, we put green plants in the office decoration not only for beauty, but there are actually many benefits of putting green plants in the office.

office plants

1. Use greening to organize indoor space

After proper combination and treatment of indoor greening, it can play a very active role in organizing space and enriching spatial levels.

(1) Boot space

Plants usually appear to be "jumping" in indoor environments, so they can attract attention. Therefore, in the organization of indoor spaces, plants are often used as a guide for space transitions, and greening is used for the transition points of different character spaces, which has an excellent guiding and suggestive effect. It is conducive to actively organize the flow of people and guide the main activity space and entrances and exits.

(2) Limited space

The limitation of indoor greening is different from partition walls, furniture, partitions, etc., and it has greater flexibility. The limited space of each part can ensure a certain degree of independence without losing the openness and integrity of the overall space, which is very suitable for the current open office space mode.

(3) Communication space

Plants are used as the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, and outdoor plants are extended indoors, so that the internal space has elements of the external natural world. It is conducive to the transition of space, and can make this transition natural and smooth, and expand the sense of indoor space.

(4) Fill the space

In the indoor space organization, when the basic material elements are arranged, it is often found that there are still shortcomings in some spaces. At this time, greening is the most ideal supplement. You can choose suitable plants according to the size of the space. In addition to the perfect composition, the greenery also adds a lot of vitality and vitality, which cannot be replaced by other things. So when there are some blind spots and unusable spaces indoors, greening can be used to solve the problem.

2. Use greening to purify the air and improve the environment

When decorating the office, the effective arrangement of indoor green plants can adjust the room temperature, purify the air and reduce noise through the ecological characteristics of the plants themselves. Because plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis. Secondly, the leaves of plants absorb heat and evaporate water, which can cool down and keep moisture in the indoor environment. Thirdly, plants have good sound absorption, which can reduce indoor noise and make the indoor environment more quiet. In addition, arranging green belts close to doors and windows can effectively reduce the impact of outdoor noise.

office plants

3. Use greening to beautify the space and cultivate sentiment

Due to the fast pace of modern work and life, people are alienated from the natural environment. Therefore, the introduction of trees, flowers, and running water into the room can make people feel comfortable from the fatigue and work pressure of busy work every day. Because indoor greening can relax the optic nerve, reduce the irritation to the eyes, and rest the cerebral cortex, which helps to relax the spirit and eliminate fatigue. In addition, the plants themselves have natural and beautiful shapes and rich colors, showing their vigorous vitality, and can bring a fresh, pleasant and natural atmosphere to the office. Indoor greening Bringing the beauty of nature into the room has a subtle effect on people's temperament and hobbies.

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